The Largest Circulation in Fast Growing Chinese Community in Quebec
No other Chinese Newspaper in Montreal  can match our distributions

Why Chose Sinoquebec Chinese Newspaper ?

1. The best quality and free distribution make Sinoquebec Chinese Newspaper the largest  one in circulation volume in Chinese community in Quebec.

2. We have more distributing spots than any other Chinese newspaper in Grand Montreal region. Our distributing spots are not only Chinese groceries, depanneurs, but also Chinese schools, Chinese new immigrant service organizations, Chinese churches, Chinese restaurants, companies with lots of Chinese employees such as Ericsson Canada and Motorola Canada, and colleges with lots of Chinese students such as LaSalle College, Marie-Victorin College and some training centers. All together, we have more than 150 distributing spots around every corner where Chinese have been to in Grand Montreal region covering 80% Chinese families in Quebec. We are the only Chinese Newspaper distributed in Quebec City and Tois-Rivières. (chick here to see our distribution spots).

3. With our online edition , the first Chinese newspaper read this way online, your ad will go with us to anywhere there is Internet connected. You see your ad , your potential customers will see it too. Click here to see how amazing our online edition is .

4. Due to that we refuse the pornography, political advertisements which all other Chinese newspaper take, Sinoquebec Chinese Newspaper is the only one which is allowed to be distributed in Chinese schools and Chinese churches.

5. We are  proud of  being the FIRST choice of 
   ●Financial Advisors 
   ●Banking Services 
   ●Real-estate agents 
   ●Car dealers
   ●Schools & Educational Institutions

   ●Law firms and Immigration Consultants
   ●Computer & IT products and Communications  services
Travel agencies
   ●Doctors & Healthcare

 to advertise in Chinese community in Quebec, Canada. Why ? Just because, we are the professionals and experts in newspaper publication. Newspaper is our only business, not the sideline. We are committed  to help our advertisers to get good effect by our powerful media.

6. Affiliated with only Chinese portal site based in Montreal, with over 700,000 hits and more than 9000 visits per day, we can also promote your service and business on the web to break the time and space limit of newspaper to reach your potential clients not only in but also out of Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

Our website has been reported by The Gazette, CBC Radio, CFCF12 for 4 times, which makes our website well known not only in Chinese community but also in local society.

If you put advertisement in our newspaper, we can help you to reach Chinese people in Hull, Sherbrooke, Quebec city and Three River cities, by our fantastic website.

7. Last but not the least, our newspaper is best one in layout and printing, which helps to setup good image for your service and brand in Chinese community.

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Mailing address : P.O. Box 1115, Succ Desjardins, Montreal,QC, Canada H5B 1C2



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