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Hi everyone,

I am doing a free wedding photography promotion. Yes, you didn't listenit wrong, it's FREE. There will only be 3 spots, so please read thefollowing carefully and if you want to know more, or you don't want tomiss the opportunity, the only thing you need to do is simply sending mean email.

How does this work?
- Since it's free, we skip quote part. But we will arrange to gettogether, to discuss the details of your wedding and your expectation.
- We will sign a contract even though it's for free, just to make sureeverything is clear. If there is anything you want more than what Ioffer, we will come to an agreement of the price.
- You might have already hired a photographer. I will respect the main photographer and not disturb him/her.
- You will have to cover the transportation fee.

What do you get?
- 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day
- A DVD with all the edited low-res pictures of your wedding, with watermark
- An 8x10 print (professionally retouched)

What I like to ask:
- Your wedding is in this year.
-I will have the right to use the photos as samples for my photography promotion.

Send me a message today! Just so that you know, I am professionaltrained photographer with professional gear, and have won severalinternational photography awards. Portfolio will be sent to you uponrequest.





今天就联系我吧! 我是受过专业训练并使用专业设备也拿过国际摄影奖的摄影师,如果你想看我的作品集请联系我。或登录
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