john000 发表于 2011-4-4 08:44

Costca酿酒的wine kit在打折,-14$

各位酒友,昨日在Costco看到酿酒用的wine kit在打折,71.49$-14$=57.49$,划算。我买了一盒。


montrealpost 发表于 2011-4-4 10:47

1.相信魁省有GST,安省没有税。好像是: ($71.49-$ 14.00)+($71.49*0.085)=$63.57/一盒
2.每盒有两个 wine kits,因此可酿~2x30=60瓶酒。 (根据添加的水量,平均每批 可酿~28.5-31瓶酒)
3.瓶塞,瓶盖和标签 包括在盒内,平均每瓶酒(750毫升)~$1.06。
4.喜欢白葡萄酒的,只有 Chardonnay 一个选择。喜欢红葡萄酒的,7公升浓缩的有:
..a.喜欢柔和的,选 Merlot;
..b.喜欢果味的,选 Cabernet Sauvignon;
..c.喜欢味重的,选 Shiraz; 此外还有更厚的 Amarone (更多浓缩果汁,23公升,比较昂贵)。

这次打折 到4月17日完,详情参见

crystal_mtl 发表于 2011-4-4 11:05

我买了,但是不会酿,我想60元卖了,一个红的一个白的。电话514-9273550 谢谢

john000 发表于 2011-4-4 11:28

i bought Chardonnay. i didnt see red+white package.

montrealpost 发表于 2011-4-4 11:32

no red+white package, only 1 varietal(=flavor) in each box, 2 bags identical.All boxes look similar, u need to check the writings(= "Chardonnay" or "Merlot).Sort of small patch of green background color for white, all red color for red wine.If u haven't open your box, return for exchange/refund.

montrealpost 发表于 2011-4-4 11:36

May be someone can make wine with u, or help u out.谁有兴趣买或一起酿酒的,请直接与Crystal_mtl 联系。(她没有酿酒设备)
Post by crystal_mtl;2834318
我买了,但是不会酿,我想60元卖了,一个红的一个白的。电话514-###### 谢谢

john000 发表于 2011-4-4 14:35

i made some sauvignon blanc before and it was good. still have a couple of bottles.

montrealpost 发表于 2011-4-4 14:41

Wine from 7L ->~10L concentrates are only good for 2 years, most start to deteriorate after 20 months.

Sauvignon Blanc is a bit sour, Chardonnay is a bit aromatic.A friend of mine love the AR Chardonnay, I never like Chardonnay myself.If u were to make it:
- Commercial Chardonnay, some are Oak, some aren't.I believe u have two ~1/2 size oak packs* in your box, your choice whether to use it.
-For Chinese, I suggest adding wine conditioner(special sugar syrup for wine making).

*default oak quantity for white wine is:-50% oak quantity of red wine.

john000 发表于 2011-4-4 14:52

I'm OK w/ a little bit sour. I'll try w/ and w/o oak for the Chardonnay.

montrealpost 发表于 2011-4-4 14:55

AR Red vs. White

AR changed boxes last year. Picture below are old boxes, new ones look similar.Sort of:

1st Red box - that's the Costco 7L Red Wine Kit
2nd White box - I don't know Red
3rd Green box - that's the Costco 7L White Wine Kit
4th White box - I don't know White
5th Dark box - I don't know Fruit wine

The new boxes may all be red similar to the 1st box, u need to READ THE WORDS right underneath the picture in the middle of the box.Those words are the Varietal, e.g. Chardonnay.Around Chardonnay MAY change into a yellow or green background.

How does your box look like?
Do u know if u pay $63.57 or ($71.49-$ 14.00)+($57.49*0.085)? (<- don't run around for this $, only if u have info off hand)
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