winllen 发表于 2010-7-30 17:33

Suggestion: don't choose CIK network

Because network is cut by CIK, I only can access internet from office and only can type english.

We just moved to a new apartment on May 1st, and we were not satisfied by CIK network, always disconnected by unknown reason. So we decide to stop that. And CIK said we must use it 3 more months, otherwise they gonna charge some kind of fee. That is ok for another 3 months. But yesterday was 29th of July, and CIK already cut down our network without any notice.

It is expensive(49.99/month + 10CAD/month dry loop) compared with some other ISP and does not have good quality, especially bad customer service.

I strongly suggest not choose CIK network.

s030604 发表于 2010-7-30 20:15


sinoc 发表于 2010-8-15 23:11



febby 发表于 2010-9-10 16:35


本着支持国人开的公司的宗旨,强忍着使用CIK 3年,一年比一年火大,掉线,网速慢,dsl总毫无缘由的灭掉...终于不用了,终于不用再和CIK打交道了
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