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The Netherlands will be the winner

The Netherlands rallied to upset five-time champion Brazil 2-1 in the World Cup quarterfinals Friday, which shocks the world. But think it for a while, it seems to be a good result for the rest of the World Cup because every team will now believe they have a chance of winning it and that is really a good thing. Sneijder, one of the shortest players on the field, put the Netherlands ahead in the 68th minute on a header-a thrill so huge he ran around the court for a close up.It is ablazing for us to watch the splendid performance of Sneijder, if I can wear Sneijder's jersey to watch the World Cup, it would be perfect. One of My friend introduces a Website-,He had bought the jerseys from that site and siad its quality was cool.I have no idea if it is really good enough, could someone give me any suggestion?Netherlands:Wesley Sneijder Jersey|Arjen Robben Jersey|Robin Van Persie Jersey|ArgentinaLike we said, Argentina were our pre-tournament favourites and not just because or Mad Maradona. By all accounts I just be wishing for the ground to swallow him up for what he did to England with the famous handball, but I don't - he got away with and so would any player, I just like the way Argentina play.They are similar to Brazil, a little less cultured, although you could argue they are the cultural capital of world football these days with with Messi, but traditionally, less cultured. However, they have fight and we like the fight and we think that is why we picked them to win.GermanyGermany have surprised us. They lost their goalkeeper before the tournament and Michael Ballack and were written off by many, including us, but they really are very close to a final and we know anything can happen in a final - especially one with Germany in.They also showed against England that they know how to defend and counter and in Mesut ?zil they have one of the best young players we have seen in a few years coming through the ranks. In the Website, you can buy Lionel Messi Jersey|Gonzalo Higuain Jersey|Carlos Tevez Jersey|Sergio Aguero Jersey,as well as the current coach "hand of God"Maradona Jersey.Looking forward to the World Cup game of Argentina vs. Germany, especially Thomas Mueller's excellent performance tomorrow. The Website also sell Thomas Mueller Jersey|Miroslav Klose Jersey|Lukas Podolski Jersey|Bastian Schweinsteiger Jersey.
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