montrealpost 发表于 2010-6-20 15:38

请问:哪里可以买到10刀 Anicall 预付 长途电话卡?

I called Customer Service of Calling Card, the green one that sells for $4 in Chinatown, they told me they have a $10 ANICALL card that has expiry of 4 months and no fee. They told me to check on the web, I can't find it.有这样的卡吗?

哪里可以买到10刀 Anicall 预付 长途电话卡? 先谢!

p.s. 我不介意 在网上购买。

121606 发表于 2010-6-20 17:27

Check this out, from google,

montrealpost 发表于 2010-6-28 16:16

Thanks a lot!!I check ~5 stores in Chinatown last weekend, none of them sell it.

To all, the reasons that I'm looking for this particular card is:
1.PER C.S. of Calling Card - Rate is identical to the green one, i.e. ~0.5 cent per minute to most places, and
2.No FEE like the green one, (they said these, I'm still not sure.)

Hope the "Recharge function" from the web page works, because I don't like to change #.I'll continue to look for this card on web when I find time.In the meantime, in case anyone knows where this card is sold, I'd appreciate information.Nice day!
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