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Easy, CIBC credit card/Esso gasoline for car/Uniprix anything(check with the store 1st, some stores don't give point), etc.

(Above is retail page, look for other tabs for:
1. Airline
2. Hotel and vacation package
3. Car Rentals

If I were u, I would just walk into a Uniprix, buy 2 bars of chocolates, done! :pOurs is "kept alive" :D by Primus phone bill, I don't even have to think about it anymore. :):)

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NW 积分快到期怎么办?

Anyone know how to keep Northwest Airline points valid without flying?
Thanks in advance!

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我在说 延期

我在说 延期。

那么怎么能够知道积分什么时候到期。==> I don't know, check like 1 year or 2 years.
到期了怎么办?==> buy chocolate at Uniprix, get more aeroplan points, then give chocolate to me :D
积分只能买飞机票和住宾馆吗?==> no, 可以加油 +++
看上面的帖子好像可以加油,到uniprix买东西 ==> 买东西, give them you Aeroplan card to scan, u get ~10 points for $1 after ~1-2 weeks :confused:

Sorry I really don't have time right now to translate Chinese.Nice holiday and buy more chocolate!! :D :D :D

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Thanks, u are so sweet! :)

I was just teasing(戏弄) Radiohead.If u know the answer to her questions, may be u can explain to her in Chinese WHEN U HAVE TIME.Else, she may not be able to sleep tonight . . . . missing me or u :eek!:

Wah . . .just see 冰淇淋,五花肉 。。。。 WAH!Sorry, I really need to run now.Have a happy holiday(U2)!

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