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一起购买 自酿 葡萄酒/啤酒 工具 , August 29 2009

**Annual sales at 20% off on everything **

Wine/Beer Making Equipment:
Basic Wine/Beer Making Starter Kit: ~$57.XX-20% +2 taxes
Deluxe Wine/Beer Starter Kit: ~$77.XX-20% + taxes (Wine Bottler and few extras included.)

- Recommend Deluxe Kit, as u'll get everything u need except beer caper.
- Recommend buying Beer Caper at same time(not included in any kit), ~$11-20%+2tax
- I may be able to deliver 1 or 2 equipment kits at MTR station, don`t know which MTR till last minute.Prepay me $70 cash at Berri MTR (August 22, 11am) if u want it.
- Need car to take 2 persons from downtown, if possible.

I will not post address of store here as web master will delete.If interested, leave your eMail here, also if u have car.    Any question, post it here.No PM please.

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一起购买 Wine Kits

Wine Kits
20% off on wine kit also.Similar qaulity to Costco kits but it is a few $ cheap if purchased from Costco.

I may buy 1 to 3 kits, not yet decided.Choice of Blend of Cabernet and Shiraz/Australian Shiraz/Valpolicela.Wine kits are sold in Duo pack, i.e. 1 package of 2 identical kits.Anyone interested in spliting a duo kit, please say so.~$66-20%+0.75%tax per pack of 2 kits.

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up - up

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Reminder: This is a ONCE a year sales.

Vintagemaster DELUXE Starter Kit

Top of the line for only the best home made wines. Includes:
- primary fermeter and lid,
- 23L glass carboy,
- airlock and rubber bung,
- hydrometer,
- hydromter test jar,
- bottle brush,
- long handled spoon,
- wine thief,
- bottle filter,
- 24" racking tube,
- siphon hose 6" & shut off clamp,
- double lever corker, (** most retails sell this for $2x+2 taxes **)
- chlorinated detergent 100g,
- metabisulphite (50g),
- instructional CD & instruction sheet.

In case anyone is interested in picking up at MTR, $ collection date most likely will change to Friday Aug. 21.To be confirmed.

Any question, post it here.Nice weekend!

montrealpost 发表于 2009-8-21 16:26

No one? Then, I'll go ahead and make our own plan.

Anyone who see this and is interested, please arrange for yourself to a year sales, please don't ask me afterwards.
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