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Changing Bank, changing credit cards, found . . . . .

I'll try to present the options and resources, each one is a bit different.Do your own comparison based on your situation and pick the one u think best suit your needs.

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I've been with one bank for XX years, overtimes my branch was closed, moved. . . .

Internet Banking started may be about 2 or 3 years ago, currently they are offered by:
1. I-N-G-DIRECT dot CA (remove "-" for web site, Sinoquebec keep deleting this one)

Previous discussions:

I'm happy with HSBC, no more counting of transactions, no more fees.

REMINDER: if u have someone 65+ in family, most banks offer NO FEE checking A/C, +:

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Air Miles credit cards, bloody useless (for me). . . . .

Same as before, u need to make your choice for your situation.Detailed discussions:

I'm happy with what I've found for myself:
RBC Select Gold for FREE collision damage insurance when rent car.
PC MasterCard for groceries:
Starbucks Visa for free coffee:

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住宅电话 + 上网

Basic regular land line phones are offered by: Bell, Rogers, Primus.

I'm still with Bell, got $95+$40 to come.Details @

For my situation, I'd love to have Primus Basic Phone+unlimited Lite Internet.Unfortunately, $$ increased from $30+T => $35+T/mth. Old discussions @

Most likely I'll change to
1.Primus Basic Phone $19.95+ $0.40(911++)+T=$22.97 (vs.$26.38 by Bell).+ get Aeroplan for spending.
2.FREE dialup modem by

Ideally, I can find an old Primus customer who will transfer their old $30 package to me, IF that's allowed.

REMINDER:Many cheap VOIP phones, check for yourself.Do not use Primus VOIP phone, PROBLEMS.

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玩Bell提供的 3个月免费上网

To write @

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Only written may be ~70%, will continue when I have time, may be next winter:

1. MP 自酿 (0)+(2) merged into 如何酿制葡萄酒 @
2. MP 自酿 (1) - 2年前写的东东 @
3. MP 自酿 (3) - 酿红/白葡萄酒 的变化玩法 @
4. MP 自酿 (4) - Fact & Fiction + Mics. @
5. MP 自酿 (5) - Resources @
6.Quick rough listing of suppliers @ REPLY#7 of

要交朋友的,问问题的,那边看 - 与喜欢做葡萄/啤酒的朋友交流@

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Every year, I get my summer flowers FREE from City.Put them into my planter boxes, give some to a friend in Ville Anjou.It's a lot of fun to see them grow.Details @

If u don't have time to go, or not available in your area, or don't want to wait:
just buy your "baby flowers :p" from Loblaw/Maxi/Cdn. Tire/Home Depot/etc.~$2-$5/box of 6 or 12 plants.

那么。。那么。。。。。整个夏天你都像我一样。。。。。   天天与花儿谈心 和对饮!哈哈!:D :D :D

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刚刚支付了 我们的保费。有房子的同学们 应该都买了保险。在经济下滑的期间,可能有更多的爆窃案和抢劫。租房子的同学们,如果您家里有许多有价值的东西,可能要考虑保险。

我们的小地方 没有什么有价值的东东,但需要买 责任的保险。例如: 我们的水管爆裂==>影响周围的邻居。

已经在用 XYZ :cool: ,今年的保费还可以,不知道 明年如何去找 更便宜+更好的了,哎! 加拿大 保险万岁,哎!

+请教哪家公司的汽车保险较便宜 @

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又电话 。 。 。 。 。 长途预付卡~ 公共付费电话(public pay phone)

Many cheap:
- VOIP phone includes cheap LD options, many ads. on this web site/newspaper
- LD companies: + (I can't find that posting :confused: )
- prepaid phone cards
old:can't find it now :confused: , I use the green Calling Card.

Today, Bell charges $0.50 for using public Pay Phone.I use President's Choice prepaid long distance card (Provigo/Loblaw/Maxi), valid for 6 months, only charge the regular $0.04/minute, NO pay phone charge.
(Don't know if they will change policy.)

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