kemywu 发表于 2008-9-11 09:56

Help, Cat's bone is broken, $1500?

My cat's bone is broken. The vet charge me $1500. If you know a place is a little cheap, please tell me the phone number. Thanks a lot.

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-11 11:58

up . . . .anyone??
Best wishes!

johnny 发表于 2008-9-11 12:31

try this one: 303 rue lawrence, greenfield park QC , TEL:450-465-6511

kemywu 发表于 2008-9-11 14:46

Thanks a lot

I called them. They will give me the price after checking the cat. Tonight I will go there.

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-11 20:06

up . . . . anyone else??
Hope u find an acceptable price soon.Best wishes!

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-11 20:47

up . . . . anyone else??
Hope u find an acceptable price soon. Good night!

无涤冷雪 发表于 2008-9-11 22:11

which vet did you visit?

my vet is called"acces vet--hospital veterinaire ville st-laurent"


the other one is 24hrs animal hosptial localed in lachine, more expensive but with full equipment.

what happned to your cat? which bone is broken?

one of my friend's cat, leg bone was broken, she took care the cat by herself and the cat healed in 2 months.

teddye 发表于 2008-9-11 22:23

实话说 1500对于骨折来说不算多了 有的人猫骨折了 花了5000.。。再找下去 恐怕耽误了治疗的时机啊 你的猫将多痛苦呀~~~~~~~如果怕以后万一有事 推荐买保险 一个月10几块钱~~~~~~~
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