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Islam Marriage--- temperate Marriage

Many young girls would have the chance to have contact with Muslim guys.

Be very careful about the Muslim Men when they ask for "Temperate Marriage"
It has no marriage responsibility from the Muslim man (husband) to provide nothing to the girl he has temperate marriage with.

Here is my communication with a religious Muslim Lady, who has been study Islam Law, she gaves a brief comments about Muslim Man and Temperate Marriage:

a muslim guy asked me and my friend for temperate marriage at different time.
What does it mean? Is it trust worthy?

My respected Sister, don't have such high expectations from mankind, when
Allah (swt) Himself says, that verily few are His true servants.

It is not a question of how to trust Muslim men, but putting your trust in
Allah (swt). As I mentioned to you before, women need to educate themselves
and use the protective services that Allah (swt) has given them. This male
cannot be in temporary marriage with any female, unless she agrees to do so.
As long as women tell him "No", then he will get the message. But, if women
continue being with him, then he will not get the point.

You should be thankful that you did not marry him, therefore you should have
no regrets. Allah (swt) protected you from getting into a situation, which
would have made you very upset.

Nowadays, it's difficult to trust people in general, Muslims are no
exception. We are human beings. But, as I said to you before, the only thing
you can do, is try to be in the company of believers, to the best of your
abilities. If you remain alone / secluded, then you put yourself at risk.

Arm yourself with knowledge, have little expectations of this world and put
your trust in Allah (swt).
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