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Souper Tôt (=下午5时前吃晚餐)

Souper Tôt by Casa Grecque:(English ~= Early Bird Specials)
What:Order main dish from menu and get free soup+dessert+coffee/tea
When:11h-17h, except Saturdays and holidays.

Plus following written in July 2009 for Caverne Greque (105 Prince-Arthur est, 514-844-5114)
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Our trick to Prince Arthur :p:
Arrive ~16:45-55 (few minutes before their lunch menu end), we eat our early dinner while paying lunch price.

(Lunch by few other restaurants ends at 5pm, NOT Casa Grecque! Their lunch finish 15:00, too early. )

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Prince Arthur 街上的 希腊餐厅

Strange, Le Goumet Grec increased their Porc Souvlaki lunch special from $6.95 to $9.95 last winter.Last week, they decreased it back to $7.9x.可能我不是唯一一个不愿意花费超过10刀的(含税)。 :D :D

Prince Artur 共计五家希腊餐厅,现在性价最高的是 Casa Grecque 的午市套餐, 质量一直最好的是 Cabane Grecque 。 Starting from St. Laurent:

1S. Le Prince Arthur, 54 Prince Arthur E., (514) 849-2454
2S. La Cabane Grecque, 102 Prince Arthur E., (514) 849-0122
3N. La Caverne Grecque, 105 Prince Arthur E., (514) 844-5114
4S.Le Gourmet Grec, 180 Prince-Arthur E., (514) 849-1335,
5S. Casa Grecque, 200 Prince Arthur E., (514) 842-6098,

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印度餐厅 半段街 (周一至周五 的特价午餐套餐)

晚餐 $15++.周一至周五 的特价午餐套餐 $5.25-~$10+TT:

Le Palais de l'Inde
5125 St-Laurent (corner Laurier)
(514) 270 7402
$5.50++: Soup, rice, salad, 1/2 Nan, Dessert (canned fruit)
Salad is only few pieces of lettuce and carrots on the side of dish.Dessert are few pieces of can fruits.
Note:If u like Nan bread, go there.But their curry is a bit on the sweet side.

La Porte de l'Inde
5195 St-Laurent (corner Fairmount)
$5.50++: Soup, rice, salad, Dessert(1 small Gulab Jamun), Coffee/Tea
(Curry Lamb w/ Vegetable $5.95+TT, Tandori Chicken at $6.25TT, Nan Bread $2.25+TT)
Note:Better value for $,lots of customers but only 1 server.

Maison de Cari Golden (we call this "the hole in the wall"=small place, 1st Indian place in the area)
5210 St-Laurent
$5.25++:Soup, rice, salad, Dessert (canned fruit)
e.g. Beef Curry $6.25
Note:Best cooking out of the 3.Servings are extremely small, u need to add side order of Nan or Rice, ~@$2.50.

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星期三 特价烤鸡餐 - St. Hubert (整天供应, 只限堂吃) $6.3+T

太激动了!有一个新的 St-Hubert Express, 开在中央图书馆邻近!(1605 St-Denis, 电话总机514-385-5555)

$6.3+taxes: 四分之一的烤鸡,+任吃烧烤酱,+面包,+炸薯条*,+ 任吃coleslaw (凉拌卷心菜) 。

* 炸薯条可以改为:(1)烤土豆(baked potato) 或 (2) 土豆泥 (Mashed Potato) 或 (3) Cesar 沙拉 或 (4) Green 沙拉 或 (5) 米饭 (rice pilaf) 或 (6) 蔬菜(vegetable :confused:) 。

** 软饮料 (soft drinks) $1.95+ taxes: 任义 自己免费续杯 。

*** Express 嘛 = 自助快餐店,不用给小费,~座一整天 :confused: :p,St-Denis 二楼有一个~天窗 (自然光可以进来)。
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St-Hubert 似乎是打翻了盐罐子, 做的东西咸的要命!

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MP, if u eat out a lot, i suggest you to get a coupon book,

it costs $35.00 every year, but you can always buy it about $25-15 on promotion. now 2010 version is free if you reserve 2011 version. it's full of coupons, half of the book is buy one get one dish free restaurant coupons as well as other coupons for cinema, hotel and etc. usually it worths the money after you eat out a few times. or you can share the cost with friends if you are interested in different coupons. you can check what they got online (just pick up city Montreal).

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The Entertainment Book

Thanks!!Especially the web link!

I was just thinking about it the other day!Used to buy it in La Baie downtown (on top of McGill MTR).Turned me off few years ago when I read " . . .recommend 25% tips . . . "Anyway, we mostly go to few specific resturants now, no longer economical to buy the book!

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乐乐街 1 of 4

Gay Village = 乐乐村 or 乐乐街 :p :D

During summer, St-Catherine (bet'n Berri and Papineau) is closed off and turn into pedestrian walk ~ 步行街 :DThat's the Gay Village.On a hot day, that section of St-Catherine could be 别有风光 。 。 。可以无限。

There are tons of restaurants and bars on the street.For less than $10, there are the 3 pasta places on the east end, few things in middle, then a bar/resturant on the west end.

For myself, I'd rather go to Komiko or 上品米线 on St-Denis, only 1 block west of Berri. Click here for more info.

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乐乐街 2 of 4 - 东边

There are 3 pasta places at the east end of that section:

1.La Strega du Village
1477, rue Ste-Catherine est (514) 523-6000
Table d'hote 午市套餐- 选择汤/沙拉/?开胃菜,主菜,甜品,咖啡或茶。
Table d'hote 晚市套餐 - 选择汤/沙拉/?开胃菜,主菜,咖啡或茶。(甜品加2.50刀+TT)

午市主菜 - $7.95(三明治)-~$15+TT,Pasta $8.95+TT。Dinner +$1。
甜品 - Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Mousse with Rum / Cream Caramel / Tiramisu :) :) :)

2.Villa Rouge
1453, rue Ste-Catherine est, (514) 521-3331
Sunday to Wednesday ALL DAY, all $10 pasta at $7.95+TT.Salad or soup included.

3.Le Planete
1451 Ste-Catherine est, (514) 528-6953
Everyday 17-19:00, Pasta at $7.77+TT。5 choices of pasta, 7 choices of pasta sauce。

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乐乐街 3 of 4 - 中间

For sure over $10, but the on 1302 Ste-Catherine Est may worth trying, always full.

In the middle, there's only places like sandwich at Kilo, Tim Hortons.The only place that worth mentioning is St-Hubert.Instead of walking into the resturant, look for the little side door a bit north of Ste-Catherine.That`s the Take-out place, but there's a few small tables and a small bar table.Current Quater Chicken with soft drink is $6.75+TT.

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乐乐街 4 of 4 - 西边

Not far from Berri, u will find Station des Sports (862 Ste-Cathernie est).Don't expect great food but they do serve "Repas Complets" from $8.95-$13.95+TT (Rib Steak).Soup and dessert are included, no coffee.

Do take note that their meals are served all day TILL RUN OUT, could be as early as ~7pm. :p

There's $5.99 Spaghetti at La Belle Province a little east of Station des Sports. Then there's a McDonald's right across from Place Dupuis.Then there's the food court inside Place Dupuis.

There's a ~社区食堂 around there, don't know when I'll get around to write it.
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