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. . . . 也奇怪了,那么多讨论自助餐的,怎么从来没人在这里提起过这家自助?
It's Canadian Chinese Food, hence most Chinese don't really like it nor go there.If I'm going out with the purpose of eating, I would rather go to Vichy or Newport(south shore).

-I've never been at Chows in evening. Do take a look at their food before u take a table.U can always pop over to Score across the street for their $8.95+TT Chicken Leg+Salad Bar.
-At lunch time, most people park their car in shopping centre across the street.
-There are big+fat Almond cookie in glass jar on top of the Ice Cream "thingie"
-There are macaron (small pile of conconut, baked)+coconut tart(small oval boat shape) hidden amongst the awful looking+awful tasting dessert trays.

Other details:
-Most restaurants change price after snow melt, Chows tend to be early.Don't be surprised if u find price +$0.50 in January.

-On nice summer weekends, they can do 4 or 5 turns in 1 lunch, policemen/ambulance drivers /etc. standing around waiting for table.Complete mad house.When I meet friends there, normally we pick bad weather or long weekend(when most west island people go out of town), nice and quiet then.:p

-I still don't understand 211W/E buses, 90% of time they go straight between LG MTR + Dorval circle, only 1 or 2 stops along the highway.However, sometimes it loops around streets near water, that would take an extra 30 min.

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West Island Buffet Lunch - Pavillon Wong $7.75+TT, Fu Lam $8.49/$9.49+TT

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Pavillon Wong 自助餐<10元,具体记不清了。1862 Boul Des Source
Thanks for sharing info!

I called, they're there for 19 years already.Sounds as if it's Canadian Chinese food.If u go for lunch M-F, check out Fu Lam($8.49+TT), ~5-10 min. drive.

Pavillon Wong, 1862 Boul Des Source, (514) 426-9664
Lunch - M-S $7.75+TT (M-S 11:30-14:30, Sun 12:00-14:30)
Dinner - M-S $12.39+TT (S-T 17-21:00, Fri/Sat 17-22:00)

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La Popessa 便宜的意大利面食, $4.95+T and up

Pasta starting at $4.95+T, all day price.It's sort of self serve, so it's up to u whether u want to leave some tips at cashier.I may have seen some special with soup included, check their menu when u're there.

La Popessa
115, rue St-Antoine Ouest, Montreal, (514) 868-6699 (below Chinatown, u're better off eating in Chinatown)
3801, rue St-Denis, Montreal, (514) 982-1717
3914, Boul. Saint-Charles, Kirkland, (514) 305-1092 (opening on April 4, 09)
+++ (they keep building more franchiseSS)

~7 outlets for now (St Hubert+PAT++), check their website for details+directions,

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是叫 风林 好像

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St-Hubert 似乎是打翻了盐罐子, 做的东西咸的要命!

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在BISHOP上刚刚新开了一家SOUPE EXPRESS,中文叫汤园,在康大旁边,离神田很近,也是一家以卖汤粉为主的店,有泰式,日式,越式和粤式,还有TERIYAKI和PAD THAI,价格在10元以下,大家有时间可以去试一下.

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It's been discussed, do a SEARCH on Sinoquebec.If u have time, may be u can do a summary and update and start a NEW posting.
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. . 还有,所有的越南米粉店价钱都在10元左右。我知道Cote-Des-Neige那家不错。请大家也谈谈其他的特色米粉店。

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Resturant Bercy

Info for Bercy that I've mentioned in #15:

Resturant Bercy (Frontenac MTR, next to IGA)
Cuisine Canadienne et Italienne
2600 Ontario est, #110
Place Frontenac
(514) 525-9341

Can't remember the price now, but still has ~30 full course dinners (incl. soup+ dessert+coffee/tea) for ~$6.95+TT+, lunch/dinner same price.

Their serving portions are small, u can ask for extra bread roll at no charge.

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I've just finished all the resturants that I wanted to write when I first started this posting :)   Hence if any of u find other new place(s), u're all welcome to add.

I've heard about cheap buffet(s) on the east side of the island but can never find it(them).It's supposed to be one of those terrible Canadian Chinese food place.If any of u come across it, please please post it!!

Happy holidays!
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