montrealpost 发表于 2007-12-24 12:03

le 5 @ $5 at Zellers (resturant after 16:00 till closing)

Not so appropriate under this heading.However, during shopping season, if u need a little something to eat or want to share a bite with a friend, order 2 coffee/soft drink (unlimited refill)+ split a club sandwich is not a bad idea.Following 5 items at $5+TT at Zellers:

- Club sandwich + french fries + coleslaw
- Fillet of Sole + potato(your choice of fries/mashed) + vegetables
- Spegetti +meatballs
- Smoke meat sandwich (lean only) + fries
- Tourtiere + mashed potato+vegetables

Their set dinners are a bit over priced for quantity and quality.Happy holidays!

montrealpost 发表于 2008-3-12 15:41

波兰餐厅 - Restaurant Masurka, Prince Arthur

Mazurka - 64 rue prince arthur est, (514) 844-3539, CANNOT bring your wine.
不是十分高级的波兰菜,但许多波兰人去那里,因为波兰同乡会 在对面。有时候 你在外面 没见人,但总 在店内 见到几个 圆圆矮矮 的第一代波兰移民。 Try their Beet Soup, not bad!

Look for the page where SPECIALS are = soup + main plate +coffee (no dessert)

Sorry, price just increased:
- M-F before 17:00 ~$8.75+TT,
- M-F after 17:00, $9.75+TT,
- Sat/Sun/Holidays, lunch=dinner=$10.75 +TT

montrealpost 发表于 2008-3-13 14:45

Vichy Buffet - Lunch $5.99/6.99, Dinner $8.99/9.99 + TT

Summary: 性价最高 . . . . . unless u have a car to go to other buffets in South Shore.Only 2 outlets left now.
- 7205 Boul. Newman, Lasalle (514) 367-1731 (Angrinon MTR +106Bus, 2 or 3 bus stop)
- 2901 Taschereau Est, St. Hubert (450)465-0519

Lunch:M-F $5.99 +TT
Brunch: Sat/Sun $6.99 (more breakfast items) (Coffee +$1.5+TT, refill included)
Dinner:M-T $8.99, F-S $9.99 +TT
Post by solitair
. . . . .(from:

montrealpost 发表于 2008-4-4 12:47

Nickels - Place Versaille only, $11.49+0.05+TT for 2 Smoke Meat Spaghetti

Apparently, each Nickels has its own policy or whatever, prices/specials are different at each location.

Nickels - Place Versaille only (514) 352-2052
$11.49+TT for 1st Smoke Meat Spaghetti, $0.05 for 2nd plate
Everyday price, lunch or dinner.

If u shop at Place Versaille(across from MTR ~Radison), its a good idea to try it at Nickels.

p.s. Masurka at #12 below - Mr. MP finds their food too greasy, always refuse to go.I love fat, hence if u don't like it, don't blame me!:p

montrealpost 发表于 2008-7-16 11:04

~Bercy, Frontenac MTR, entrance inside mall, facing IGA

~Bercy, in small shopping centre(IGA+McDonald++), right outside the MTR station.

Enough with old Polish, how about old Quebecoise?

Still many choices of set meals at under $10.Plan a bit early on weekends, always full in evenings, normal ~lineup with old Quebecoise.

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-15 14:32

$6.49+TT, Fajita @ Carelos& Pepe's

For now, every Wednesday+ Sunday, Fajita special for $6.49+TT, Entree only, nothing else.

Carlos & Pepe's
1420, rue Peel, Montreal
Tel 514-288-3090

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-15 14:50

Guido and Angelina, Late lunch @$9.95+TT

Late lunch 14-17:00, choice of lunch @ $9.95 +TT.Good place to dress up & celebrate birthday/? in downtown(Atwater).The order needs to be punched into computer before 17:00, u can stay and finish your meal anytime.Last time the menu I saw:
- choice of soup/salad/exotic juice(e.g. mango), and
- one choice of entree (few choices of pasta, chicken with lemon sauce+ pasta, panini)
- don't think coffee nor dessert is included.

Guido & Angelina
2313 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, 514-228-5225
690 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, 514-393-3808 (NO late lunch at this one)

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-15 15:00

Kabsah(Middle-Eastern food), all u can eat after 19:30, $10 tax included (till

If u like middle-eastern food like me, this is a good chance to try this resturant.

RAMADAAN is the biggest festival for them, not allowed to eat till sun set.Following restaurant has a special for $10 all u can eat ATER 7:30pm, till Sept. 30 only (when their Ramadaan finishes this year).   Anything on the menu, taxes included, add your tips.

1444 St. Mathieu, 514-931-6000
(2nd floor, on top of pizza place.Across from the basement Chinese grocery story)

montrealpost 发表于 2008-9-21 16:09

猪骨土豆汤 @ La Maison du Bulgogi, regular $ @7.95 +TT

谢谢美女!U've said it much better than me!!

"有4个韩国小菜(可添加)" - why didn't anyone tell me earlier, @#!%#!@

La Maison du Bulgogi
2127 St. Catherine West, 514-935-9820

Lunch special for 猪骨土豆汤 includes Imperial Roll or Miso Soup @$6.95, Mon-Fri 11:30-14:30.

gracemao 发表于 2008-9-21 18:46




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