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The dream comes true

The dream comes true

Sha Yan

Scattered colorful stars filled in the milky way galaxy
Hanging individually alone in the dark deep space
Deepened along the path of the light
When the light travel a billion light years away
Reaches its destination
The light, I call
with sound of a cry
The light finally sparks over the sky
Like travels to the origin of the space
Finally here comes the true dream
The blossom red rose
Represent the old prediction of the ancient wise
In the dark and cold night
Blossom, Blossom...
Why it is that easy
Why it is that hard
The light just reached there
Traveled a billion light years
Because it is built to be, the wise says
Blossom, Blossom...
At the time the light reaches there
That day, the dream comes true

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