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公益皇家山太极拳太极剑 (周四早晨七点半)

This is a group for people who love Tai Chi/Qigong in the early morning. We alternately play Qigong (Ba Duan Jin, Da Wu, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi), Tai Chi Quan 24 simplified form, Tai Chi Sword (32, 42, Wu Dang, Dun Huang). Music will be provided. Beginner are welcome but self-study is very necessary to be able to follow the group.
It is a donation-based class, every Thursday @ 7:30 until it's cold. You can sign up online here:
We meet at 7:30 at the monument sharp. If you are late, you can search us uphill on right hand.

健身气功 - 八段锦,大舞,易筋经,五禽戏;24式太极拳,32,42太极剑,武当剑,敦煌剑。

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