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Vanier and Dawson textbooks for sale

Reading books:

New Tab -Guillaume Morissette $12 (brand new)

Bilingual: Life and Reality -François Grosjean $15 (brand new)

Survival -Margaret Atwood $10 (brand new)


Environment & Society Selected Readings -Marika Hadzipetros

Interpersonal Knowledge & Communication -A. Bahar

World Views: Food for Thought: Culture and Cuisine -Beverly Sing

Textbooks -All in new/excellent condition:

Exploring Macroeconomics -Sexton $60

Psychology: A Journey -Dennis Coon (includes textbook, practice exams book and study guide) $80

Business -Ricky W. Griffin (5th custom edition for Dawson) $50

Applied Calculus 8th edition -Tan (brand new) $90

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