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2016-6-26(周日)南岸大公园(Michel Chartrand)勤快骑手儿骑车活动

集合地点:Atwater市场与LaChine河之间的露天平台(50, Avenue Atwater)

Michel Chartrand 公园是蒙特利尔大区南岸最大的公园,骑车过去时经常可以看到小鹿...是蒙特利尔周边骑车徒步的最佳目的地之一

报名:QQ/微信:525376716,QQ 群:68964299,加时一定注明:蒙村骑车,否则不能顺利通过

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Biking Trip in Cornwall, Ontario, July 3, Sunday
Where to meet: Taxi parking of Angrignon Metro Station
When to meet: 8:00AM, we set out at 8:30AM neatly
How to travel: Bikes on car from Angrignon to Cornwall, 110Km, during about 1h30m, biking to west in the morning following the Waterfront Trail round trip, lunch around the Parking in Cornwall, biking to the east in the afternoon round trip. See attached pictures for details
How much: 15$/person for car travel with your bike. We now have four cyclists and two cars, only one vacant available. Cyclists with bike rack positions are welcome!
How to reserve a place. Email to iseayouadsion@hotmail.com, or WeChat/QQ: 525376716, QQ group No. 68964299

See also some other pictures for biking paths in Cornwall!

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Strawberry Picking, Biking-Hiking Trip, Mario Beauregard Farm & St-Hilaire Mountain, July 10, Sunday

Where to meet: Canadian Tire Verdun Parking, 3180 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1T3
When to meet: 8:00 am, we set out at 8:30 am neatly
Route to follow: CT Verdun (3180 Rue Wellington, H4G 1T3)--> Mario Beauregard Farm (2025 Rang Saint-Simon, Sainte-Madeleine, QC J0H 1S0, Strawberry picking) --> Subway Beloeil (555, boul. Laurier, Beloeil, Qc J3G 4J1, Canada, Biking/Hiking parking) --> Canadian Tire Verdun. For biking & Hiking route, please see map attached.
What to bring: Your lunch if possible, all necessary stuff for biking/hiking. For biking, you need a light bike (road or hybrid bike, heavy mountain bike is not suitable unless you put it on your own car and you have enough biking power), and enough money with your necessary ID's :P
How much to pay: For strawberry picking, please contact the farm (http://www.fermechezmario.ca/fraises.php#produits) for detailed information; For car travel, 7$ per person without bike, 10$ with bike
How to reserve: iseayouadsion@hotmail.com, webchat/QQ: 514 806-6795, QQ group: 68964299. The participant with a car is preferred to reserve sooner. Be sure to inform if you have a car and/or bike at very first contact! And, you have to leave your mobile phone for participation!

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