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my first swinger party in Montreal - part 2

Before i continue my swinger party story, let me share some opinion ormy understanding, some based on what i was told from my roommate. Quebecois are very conservative ppl inside their mind. They kinda stay intheir own circle of family and friends, they don't make effort or investin making new friends with none-french speaking ppl. Their mentality islike old civilized society to me. Ppl don't want risk, they stay andwork for one company for their whole lives if they can. They benefitmore by choosing presently available things -- repeat the existingrelationship clientele. Immigrant like us from the developing countriesswitched jobs as frequently as 3-5 years, for us there is no loyaltyto the physical world--it is a very market driven behavior. These pplseem hate their jobs but don't look for new job. So it was lucky for meto be chosen to go their party. Sorry off the topic....let us talk aboutsex. You know French are very famous for their openness to sex. MarriedFrench couple in France mutually agree to keep affairs with theirprevious boyfriends or girlfriends, with no harm to their marriages, nofeeling of being hurt or guilt to cheat, or to be cheated. If you go tofriends' party, you have to expect the party can drift away into an orgy.They seem treat sex as an extension to a cozy conversation, to end thenight.

back to my story.

I followed the sound of music, came to the living room. all windows have curtains covered, red lamps at four corners. The house owner must be some kinda collector, old and black Asian style furniture goes along the walls, the vases and jars, ceramic figures on the display shelves against the wall. there were three couples sitting in the two long sofas on one side of wall, two single men in the couch on the opposite side, in the middle there is a big super king size mattress with dark brown sheet covered.
Another couple sitting on the chairs next to the hallway, looks like they run out of space,and they have to bring more chairs. just when I walked by the mattress to an empty chair at the corner next to the window, another couple came in from the hallway.

let me count .... so there were about 6 ladies ( 1 blond, 1 black and 1 brunette, can't remember the other three but they all white French), about 10 guys including me. no one on the mattress and we all staring at each others in the dim light, kinda funny.

I am new and don't want to make any bold and stupid move and later shame on, so just hanging there, observing...   they were chatting in French. Obviously some are good friends, they made jokes and laugh and drink wine. Indeed they are very nice and educated people with good professions, well, I can tell because I believe body language can tell their intelligence and eductions, I shakes hands with some guys passing me. If I speak French, I would strike a joke and crack them, well too bad, they seem not good or willing to speak in English in their party. Guys are all very neat, hair trimmed and wearing underpants and some with shirts left on. From their look, I would says the 10 guys, about 8 are around 30 to 40 years old, 2 maybe over 50 ( later I found these two old guys have been sitting at the corner for the whole session, never stand up close to the mattress, interesting ). The ladies, 2 are very young, maybe 22?looks like still in the college. 1 older in 30ish with short hair and very nice boobs. 1 brunette is slim and good looking (her skin is so soft, man, I will tell you later), The other two brunette (I think) are short and gorgous, they sit there with their hands in boyfriends' hands (one brunette sit there and watching all the time and never move to join the party, I didn't notice when she went away) .

to be continued.....
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