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my first swinger party in Montreal - part 1

Dear friends,
Here let me share my first experience attending my first swinger party in Montreal.
First of all, let me make a brief introduction about myself, I am Mandarin speaking Chinese male, just like you, I grew up in China and had the education from primary school through to the university in China. I spent 15 years in English speaking Canada but new to Montreal, actually just a few months. I am single and financially doing okay (okay in my own standard), People with immigrant background, like me, had hit the glass ceiling at work, we found no incentive to work harder any more or have interest in climbing the corporate ladder, (I am already at supervisor level; next level up is for politicians, not for us). Physically, I am 1.80m, with a masculine look, and athletic body. I have confidence in approaching girls and had a lot of fun when I was young. (Don’t look at me as a bad person, and sorry I broke some girls' hearts before, just naturally my libido is high among Chinese men, from time to time i need a serotonin boost, dopamine rush- sometimes I am still confused about the men's body)
My French landlord speaks reasonable English, she and I share a detached house, she is 40, average brunette with some extra fat on her belly and hips, which I won't dream of at night, and I don't want to get myself into trouble by messing with my landlord. So we get along pretty well, we went shopping, cooking and watching movies together, and that is fun. I never want more from her. But I got to tell you, this French lady is nice, she is very hygienic, keep her stuff organized and tidy ( I really wish our Chinese counterparts can do the same at their house).
A few weeks ago, she asked me if I want to come to her swinger party in downtown Montreal and she said that always a good exercise to her, I said okay -- thinking nothing to lose and nothing will hurt me, beside I will keep enough condoms and wiper towel, because I don't want to get the STD. I am scared to death hearing the words of Aids and herbs. So with a lot of protection and shaved body, I went to the address.
It was a two level duplex house; the guy at door asked me the code, which my landlord roommate gave to me a day ago. I show the door guy the code on my cellphone. (For precaution, I kept just some cash in my pocket, left the wallet with all personal IDs, credit cards at home).

The guy opened the door with a long French greeting; I didn't get it at all. My French level is at zero, only know a few words like Salute, Bonjour and Bon Appetite. That is all. So I said "撒驴" - salute. The hallway is big and with wall-mounted lamp at corner, lights are dim, orange color, smell burning roses in the air. I hanged my jacket in the closet at door, double checked my things-condoms, cash, car keys. Then I look off my boots and followed the sound of music to the darker living room......

To be continued.
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