mfeous 发表于 2012-7-2 20:47

nikon d3100

i just bought a nikon d3100, but i found the picture quality is not good as i thougth. see one picture i took with auto setting, it seems blurry and i have this feeling for other pictures i took.

any comments? is this normal for d3100 or does this camera have some defect problem? i am thinking about eitherreturning or upgrading to d5100? any ideas?

by the way, i am beginner

mfeous 发表于 2012-7-3 14:58

467780here is another one

TonicWater 发表于 2012-7-3 21:46


mfeous 发表于 2012-7-3 23:01

Post by TonicWater;3114169

i am new to photo shooting. is this the quality i can get from d3100?
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