ltmmtl 发表于 2012-5-30 21:45

有没有喜欢 opera 蛋糕的?哪家的更美味?


victoir1029 发表于 2012-5-30 21:49


ltmmtl 发表于 2012-5-30 22:12

Post by victoir1029;3097596

Costco 的还行 -- 总觉得欠了点什么

Pingster 发表于 2012-5-31 09:09

Yuki Bakery 的 Green Tea Opera!

iMP 发表于 2012-6-1 10:37

Agree with u . . . "Costco 的还行 -- 总觉得欠了点什么" (same comment for their Chocolate Mousse Cake).Both cakes are GREAT for big party :p when u have many guests and don't want to spend too much $.

I have never tried Yuki Bakery 的 Green Tea Opera.

Normally we buy from :D(forgotten name, a very old and famous French pastry place ~NDG/Van Horne??), else

I don't know 哪家更美味, sorry!
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