scoll 发表于 2011-10-30 08:14


Do not miss this unique opportunity to discover a vast selection of high quality perfumes and cosmetics.
Brands availables: Anna Sui, Nuxe Paris, Thierry Mugler, Pürminerals,Lanvin Parfums, Van Cleef & Arpels, Clarins, Kibio, BurberryFragrances, Azzaro Paris, Roxy Parfums, Porsche Design The Essence,Boucheron Paris, QuickSilver,Annick Goutal Paris.

Address: 815, East Service Road, Highway 13, Laval (QC) H7W 5N4

scoll 发表于 2011-10-31 07:57


Guerlain warehouse sale

summerlover 发表于 2011-11-1 12:27

Thanks! But do I need the invitation or anybody can go?

scoll 发表于 2011-11-1 17:45

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