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抵制BELL CANADA的流氓行径,今天收到******网络公司的email,呼吁大家一起抗争。


Dear ****** Customer,

The CRTC just decided to allow Bell Canada to charge independent ISPs, like ****** Inc., what's called "usage-based billing"(UBB)on our customers.

This means that Bell will force us to pay usages fees similar to those that Bell charges to its own retail customers, when you exceed certain limits. Bell and other Big Telecom companies are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.

If we do not fight this you will have no choice but to pay MORE for LESS Internet. This will crush innovative services, Canada's digital competitiveness, and your wallet.

250,000 people across Canada have already signed the petition to stop these companies from charging you more. Signing the petition automatically sends Industry Minister Tony Clement an email. This is our best chance to stop usage-based billing.

Please Sign the Stop The Meter petition at: Please also help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Please make your voices heard. If we don't stop UBB, as of March 4th, 2011, ****** will make the following changes to accommodate the charges that will be FORCED on us and subsequently you, our valued customers:

Ontario Residential 5Mbps DSL Plan:
First 25GB at up-to 5Mbps. Beyond 25GB your speeds will be reduced to 100Kbps with unlimited transfer.

If you wish to remain at up-to 5Mbps, you can buy an additional 100GB of transfer for $9.95 per month. Beyond 125GB, speeds will be reduced to 100Kbps with unlimited transfer.

Quebec Residential 5Mbps DSL Plan:
First 60GB at up-to 5Mbps. Beyond 60GB, your speeds will be reduced to 100Kbps with unlimited transfer.

If you wish to remain at up-to 5Mbps, you can buy an additional 100GB of transfer for $9.95 per month. Beyond 160GB speeds will be reduced to 100Kbps with unlimited transfer.

Ontario & Quebec Residential MLPPP DSL Plans:
Same as above but multiply it by the number of lines you have. If you have 2 lines or Home 10Mbps in Ontario, you would get 50GB included and you can buy an additional 200GB for $19.90. Once you reach your allocated transfer, your speeds will be reduced to 100Kbps per line with unlimited transfer. In this scenario you would have a total of 200Kbps after 250GB of usage.

What if the transfer options above are not enough?

Priority number one is to sign the Stop The Meter petition at:

In addition to signing the petition you can use an Online PC as a bypass to the imposed usage-based billing on you by Bell and the CRTC. In partnership with, you can continue downloading at over 1TB or 1000GB a month for as little as $23.95 per month.

How does this work?
Instead of downloading your data directly to your local computer, it is downloaded onto your Online PC located in our DATA Center. Your Online PC is connected to multiple Fiber optic lines capable of over 30Gbps or 30,000Mbps. This will bypass the Bell copper lines and the imposed usage-based billing.

Once the Data is downloaded onto the online PC how do I get it to my local computer?

Secure overnight DATA Shipment.

Step One:
Copy or move the Data that is to be shipped into an encrypted file container that only you have access to. (Provided within the Online PC)

Step Two:
Ship Zazeen a SATA Hard Drive with enough capacity to hold your encrypted DATA content. If you ship a hard drive that has more space than your Online PC, we can hold on to it until you fill it up completely. With Hard Drives currently passing over 2TB or 2000GB, you can continue to download without any additional UBB fees.

Step Three:
Zazeen will now copy your encrypted data onto the supplied Hard Drive. At this point, we will ship it overnight via FedEx: ****** subscribers get 1 free data shipment per month.
More info at

Click below for an in depth video presentation of Zazeen's Online PC service.

Bandwidth Transfer tracking:
On Feb 20th, 2011, ****** Inc. will have a new Internet usage section in the Management Area of our Web Site located athttps://www.******.com/Login-Section.html In this location you will be able to pre-purchase additional usage blocks and check your daily bandwidth usage.

Once again please DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN the Stop The Meter petition at:

Best Regards,
****** Inc.
Telephone: +1 (866) 281?3538
Toronto 1-416-849-8520
Montreal 1-514-667-4304
Vancouver 1-778-786-4196
Ottawa 1-613-686-5217
Calgary 1-403-451-6156
Corporate Office
1650 Dundas Street East. Unit 204,
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4X 2Z3

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Please Sign the Stop The Meter petition at: Please also help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

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.ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}****** is a cheating company.

When I ordered the Internet service in Jan, 2010, it is stated in the ACANA website

Modem Info
Due to theft of devices we are now charging 49.95 Canadian for all DSL modems. Once your service is terminated ****** may choose to buy back the modem at the same price. There is no obligation to purchase the hardware from our customers.

Now, I will terminate the Internet service in February 13, 2011. They just don't response me about the procedure for returning the modem. For example, where I should mail the returned modem? When I received the $ 49.95 modem fee?

They have changed the content in their website, as shown below.

Modem Info
We are now charging $49.95 Canadian for all DSL modems. We do provide a full refund for the modem if cancellation is made within the 30 day no obligation period.

In order words, you have to spend 49.95 buying their modem.

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抵制bell, 捍卫竞争

去这个网站, 第一页有封写好的抵制信,下面有个表格,填上自己的信息,2分钟的事。

如果我选择沉默,这世界将会把我忘记 !XXbell

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Post by adjustment;2793370

去这个网站, 第一页有封写好的抵制信,下面有个表格,填上自己的信息,2分钟的事。

如果我选择沉默,这世界将会把我忘记 !XXbell
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