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On 27th July,follow the request by bell`s agent, I call back bell to renew my internet service with bell, a lady named Aaliyah (work ID is xw155) answered my call, and we got an agreement as: 12 month contract, 7m speed, 140g usage, one month free, at price of 35.90$, and let me call back on January to keep the promotion(re.1201511852). On 27th September, I received the bill which charge me 50.90$ monthly fee, plus the correction of last bill 12$ (lass bill which issued in August they had a right price of 35.90$ monthly fee).

I called the bell on 29th September , 8:00am, I explained two times my situation with different agent, finally I met the internet department billing customer service agent.

The customer service agent read the note with the reference number 1201511852, and said he noticed I do have this promotion , he will make the correction. But after while he said he didn`t have the right to do so, and he transfer me to their relationship department. An agent named John answered me, he told me the agent before him made a mistake, all the rebate I have is 10.00$ which comes to the monthly fee should be 50.90$. I asked him to talk with Miss Aaliyah, he refused. I asked him to check the record on 27th July, he said there is no more. I explained him on 27th July`s conversation I repeated the price, and even we calculated the total amount I should pay yearly, there should be no misunderstanding. I asked him to check the notice again, because the agent before him already found the bell made a mistake, but John said it`s not necessarily, what he decide is the final decision.

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上, live chat



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1 要申诉的问题
2 何时与你的通讯供应商联系的
3 通讯供应商的答复及谈话细节Post by Improve;2699010

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The sales people often say what you want to hear. Some are honest, many are not. So what I've learned to do is record any conversation I have with Bell and save it. It's a pain in the butt yet it got me out of a huge jam. I always inform them that I'm recording the call. They are usually more honest and the false info has greatly decreased since I started doing this. Don't forget to ask for the name of the person you are speaking with too. Hopefully this tip will help others avoid this bait and switch routine that's become a very well known issue at Bell.

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问题是谁有那么多时间和他们整天练口语?:o他们可是FULLTIME干这个的:D 偶有类似经历,最后实在是烦了,就算了。。。

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今天BELL与我联系,说找到了备注我的INTERNET价格是40.90$每月,并辩解说这已经含了BUNDLE REBATE 5$了,因此他将以此作为最终价格取代之前的50.90$每月。并威胁说如果我不接受,将取消所有的折扣(包括一个月的免费)。在解释无效的情况下,我拒绝了他的方案,并向CCTS说明了情况,等待他的裁决。对我来说,问题的焦点已不是每月5$的差别,BELL的不诚实和无信誉更让我无法容忍。我同时也向CCTS要求对BELL的故意欺诈进行惩罚。
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