eddie 发表于 2010-5-7 15:26

House insurance company will sue me?

I help to fix the fridge water problem,

I finished at 12:30, everything is ok

the people phone me at 8:00 pm said water leaking, nearly all the new wood floor damaged, now he is contacting the house insurance company to pay him the damages/

Do you think the house insurance company will after me to pay back later?

Please help to answer!!

Thank you so much!!!!

montrealpost 发表于 2010-5-7 15:53

Are u renting?Have u bought any insurance?

eddie 发表于 2010-5-7 15:58

I get paid to fix other guys fridge

he has house insurance

montrealpost 发表于 2010-5-7 16:03

Did he pay u cash, or do u have company and gave him a bill with all tax #?

montrealpost 发表于 2010-5-7 16:09

Theoretically, he is supposed to call his house insurance.Home insurance works similar to car insurance, ~"no fault".

If u have company, u're supposed to have bought business insurance, then he may choose to claim your insurance. (Not to affect his home insurance policy)

For example, person A live above Person B, person A leak water downstairs to B.B was supposed to call B's own insurance to get things fixed, $0 deductable as it's not B's fault.B cannot claim from A's home insurance, as it ~no fault.However, alternatively, B could take A to small claim court to sue for all damages without affecting B's home policy.

If u got cash payment, I don't think u have to worry about anything.

If I'm wrong, PLEASE correct me!

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. . . . he has house insurance

eddie 发表于 2010-5-7 16:24

Actually, Thank you so much for your answer.

I got paid by cash, his house insurance company phoned me to get the detail information. I told them what happened.

I am self-employ, not register any company and get no insurance.

I just worried after the insurance company paid his damages, they will after me.

Actually, after I get phoned I fixed the fridge problem.

But he phoned me 8 hours after the work done. so the damages is worse.
If I was informed earlier, shouldn't have this big damages.

Are you sure if I get paid cash and have no company no insurance, they will not after me?

Thank you so much for your kindly answer!!!

montrealpost 发表于 2010-5-7 16:44

If there is no taxes(GST+QST) charged, it is only cash deal.(not really leg . . .u understand)I don't think u need to worry!

I don't completely understand insurance, hopefully someone know will add information here.有谁知道?

(Else, I'll call my insurance woman for u next week for u to sleep better.)Nice weekend!

eddie 发表于 2010-5-7 16:58

NO GST QST related. just cash payment and no receipt give to him

Thank you so much and you too have a great weekend!

montrealpost 发表于 2010-5-15 14:06

已问!我的保险代理人不想说什么,只说她不知道。 (这不是她的工作) 祝好运!

另外 提醒大家: 尽量雇用 有 license 与有保险 的人/公司做修理,+不要忘记为自己的家 购买保险。

eddie 发表于 2010-5-19 13:28

thankyou so much!!
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