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想学吉它,有会弹吉它的朋友想做家教吗? 联系电话: 514-9799788老黄

lovelytito 发表于 2010-4-5 10:58

White man, 30 years old, English and French speaking, professional guitar teacher (both electronic guitar and classic guitar), current career: CEGEP teacher (philosophy), former famous Canadian metal band guitar player. Go student's home to teach. Please call: 514-926-0006

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想学吉它,有会弹吉它的朋友想做家教吗? 联系电话: 514-9799788 老黄

dream theate 发表于 2016-10-24 22:02

您好!周同吉他教室常年招生 514-659-5735, 微信 ztong7905
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