lylimontreal 发表于 2010-3-8 10:18


昨天看了OSCAR AWARDS,感觉这一次没有特别突出的电影,若论票房,AVATAR当然是第一,但似乎评委不太看好它,反而对THE HURT LOCKER情有独钟,好像拿了六个奖项,最具分量的BEST MOVIE也是它。前几天才去看的THE HURT LOCKER,是写实风格,所以看得有点闷。不过前妻赢了,不知道CAMERON的心情是否有些复杂,注意看了他的表情,是有点不自在,虽然一直微笑。BLINDE SIDE没看过,似乎评价还可以。
几部动画片没有全看,UP算是好的,但比前几年的明显 有差距。

kkli 发表于 2010-3-9 17:13

i saw The Blind Side, good movie, very cheesy for my taste though. Sandra Bullock was great in the movie. But I like her in All about Steve, I think she won some worst actress award for that role. Very different Sandra.

Inglorious Bastards was good too, kinda brutal, the winner of supporting actor was great, you want to kick his ass when you see him in the movie.

"Up" is OK, i don't think any animation movies is better than this one last year. Ice age 3, Monsters VS Aliens and Astro boys are ok, but nothing special. Cloudy with a chance of meatball is way too ridiculous.
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