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Primus CS

"不过不怎么支持PRIMUS,这个东西服务不好。 。。。。" ==>Unfotunately all those companies are all very similar。 。。。。in general, CS in US is much better than Canada.

TRICK for calling Primus:
- call in morning(s),
- choose FRENCH option,
- u will be "branched" to the CS centre in Maritime.

Those people are complete fluent in both English and French.Mostly has been there for a long timer.A lot more knowledgable and curtious.

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Hyro Quebec 冰箱回收推广计划($60+$50/$25) + 低收入家庭 冰箱替换计划 ($75)

A.Hyro Quebec 冰箱回收推广计划:
Have your OLD refrigeratore picked up for free and get $60 from Hydro Quebec.
Buy a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator and get $50 from Hydro Quebec.Qualify freezer will get $25.
Believe there`s something from Hydro Quebec for other type of Appliance(s), I can`t find info now.

B.低收入家庭 冰箱替换计划:
For low income family with a refrigerator that`s over 15 years old, they can have their old fridge EXCHANGED into a new one for only $75.


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用信用卡付 Hydro Quebec账单, through ePost(free service) by Canada Post. Details:

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这个是为自己留的记号, I havn`t try yet。If anyone have more details please feel free to comment.
Post by poppop;2439649
Post by montrealpost;2218971
用信用卡付 Hydro Quebec账单, through ePost(free service) by Canada Post.Details:

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Hydro Quebec -

这个是为自己留的记号, I don't have time to try/check it yet, sorry。 Reference:

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~"VOIP" phone

再给自己 多留记号:
1.Magic Jack -
2. sold by

Please note that CanTalk is new, Magic Jack sold many already but tons of complaints.Both provide Canadian phone #.I'm still waiting for ~Voice by Google :p .

p.s. following by super777同学 (欢迎点击或打击 :D ):

免费 电脑打中国, 加拿大 等其他国家电话 软件 mediaring talk, 喜欢的捧个场, 如果人气高, 我会多来发发大家感兴趣的信息。 免费下载 安装 需要注册 很简单, 有中文界面, 希望大家简单,省去电话卡巴

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AMT月票 8.33% off/YEAR

I thought I saw similar discount program by STL(Laval - via Commu Auto 2 years ago, but non of my friends were interested.Can't find it now.Not sure if it did/does exist.

There is no such program by STM(Montreal - nor RTL(South Shore -

However, 100% sure discount programs exist for AMT(Commuter Train including STM portion).Basically pay for 11 months with your credit card, then AMT give u the 12th month FREE.There are 2 different programs by AMT.

AMT月票 年省8.33% @

Merry x'Mas & Happy New Year!

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Cheap Teeth Cleaning 廉价可靠的牙齿清洗 (成人$35,6-13岁儿童$10)

In Canada, most dentists suggest cleaning teeth every 6 months.Someone said ~10 months in China.

I believe most dentists charge ~$80-$100 for teeth cleaning.Plus ~$50 for first time x-ray.For those of u who don't have private insurance, check out the following.It will cost $35 for cleaning, x-ray included. They can/will refer u to other dentists if more work needed (may be at regular $, not sure).


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I'm not specialist, if there's any question, please reference 加拿大福利政策汇总 or check out 税务与福利 Forum。

Shelter Allowance Program for over 55 and low income, max~$80/mth.Misc. assistance programs in Housing。

Subvention et bon REEI pour Handicapees。

老弱伤残 家庭护理 援助计划 @。
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