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法语偶就无能为力了, 估计法语报纸上有更多精彩的vente, 能自己看懂的最好啦.
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p.s. 我相信部分同学只会法语,不会英语。

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interesting, 从来没想过还有这种事. 因为有cellphone, 所以很少用payphone. 不过倒是很好的trick.

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Pick up payphone, DON'T put in $0.50, just dial their 1-866#, enter PIN#, enter e.g. 514-123-4567(can't remember if u need to + 1 :p , I do need to +011 for international).

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montrealpost 发表于 2009-4-11 14:22

"MP,SAQ自灌酒业务马上要关闭了,marche central的本月底结束。" ==>非常感谢知会 !死啦!死啦! :frown:
不幸 . . . . . . 到5月上旬 我真的没有时间,否则我会跑到那里看看, 再 :D :D :cool: 。。 。 。 。喝酒!!

"法语偶就无能为力了 . . . . " ==> 偶陪你 :D

" . . . . By the way, which prepaid phone card you are using?" ==> I have few more PC cards from friend.

When we need more calling time, I would supplement PC with the green Calling Card; per minute rate is cheap, but service charge every 5 days. Check e calling card dot ca

We`re not too happy with the quality of most cheap cards, including the Calling Card, I`m thinking of checking into VOX Global in the future.NOT SURE if there`s any catch or anything yet.Check

REMINDER:There`re cheap alternativeSS: VOIP phones/SKPE/Google Voice(coming soon)

montrealpost 发表于 2009-4-24 13:12

Correction: VOX International, not Global

It was the International card that's cheaper in rates, believe there's ?? fee or whatever.

I've made a few calls from pay phone last week with the PC Prepaid Card, still only $0.04 per minute.
Both 1-514-###-#### and 514-###-####(without 1 in front) worked.
For calls that no one answered(no answering machine), no charge.

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Hydro Quebec - 用信用卡付账单

用信用卡付 Hydro Quebec账单, through ePost(free service) by Canada Post.Details:

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免费名片, 免费图章等

几年前,我提过的 免费名片, 免费图章, 等等。 您需要支付运费:

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过度用的 免费/廉价 的拨号上网

WARNING:old modem dialup will tie up your phone line(=BUSY).

1.10 hours/month free from Juno:

2.10 hours/month free from NetZero(believe run by same people/company for Juno):

3.Unlimited dialup at $2.95+tax from:

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Car Sharing

Besides rental, membership for car sharing:

p.s. not trying VOX calling card - too much miscellaneous charges.

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An interesting community centre:

Comité d’éducation aux adultes de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA)
2515, rue Delisle, Montréal, Québec (Canada)
514 596 4422
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