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MP 自酿 (5) - Resources

之前 东藏西写的,害MP自己也要东寻西找的,现在 全收集在这里。

这系列的帖子 - 不回答问题, 欢迎更正内容!

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自己动手, 丰衣足食!

中国米酒: 甜酒做好了 @

自酿啤酒 @

3块钱作16升“葡萄酒“ (from punch) @
(Cheaper Way to Make Wine @
(Wine from Storebought Grapejuice @

如何酿制葡萄酒 (from table grapes) @

Costco Wine Kits (红/白葡萄酒) @

与喜欢做葡萄/啤酒的朋友交流 @

Happy wine making!

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1-Gallon-10-Days Wine Kits ((红/白/冰酒)

Super small kits (I gallon) instead of regular kits (5 gallons=23 liter). Both 10+28 days kits. Details + video at:

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Basic Info on Beer/Wine Making at home

Sample info on beer:
Varieties on beer kits(small cans) :
Written Instruction for beer kits:
* Note: some beer kits instruct adding corn sugar directly into beer bottles (ref. step 13 in above link)
* Many alternatives to alter beer kits, search web or books in library. Have fun!

Sample info on wine:
Varieties of fresh grape juices (=frozen must):
Written Instruction for wine kits:
Video on wine kits:

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1. 西瓜酒 @
2. 香槟/气酒 (Champagne/Sparkling Wine) @

3. 苹果酒 (Cider), also called Apple Cider or Hard Cider:

a. Can be made from fresh apples when in season,
-Chinese method, reference 如何酿制葡萄酒, or
-Western methods, search for recipes on web.

b. Cider Kits (same size as beer kit), hidden in the beer kit piles, e.g.

c. John000's Recipe @

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Videos - Wine Tasting, Basics, etc. (not wine-making)

Sample links to get u started::p
Larry"The Wine Guy" Lesson #1 @

Tasting Italian Wine ' Barolos @

2-Buck-Chuck @
~Summary in 2006 @

Gary Vaynerchuk's videos on Winelibrary TV ( are quite good and funny.If u have UNLIMITED internet download, it's worth watching all his ~600 episodes(for now).:D:D    :D

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Wineries in Quebec

I'm not sure how many, but growing.

Good place to start is Tourism Quebec.I've called and got a colorful brochure on wine route for Eastern Township few years ago.

Quebec Wine Growers Association, representing ~45 wineries for now.(not all wineries are members) for mapS and listingS of regional wine routeS on their web site.

59 Quebec Wineries listed @

Saw "Quebec Wine" on Wikipedia @

There's a "La Route des vins 4 Monts" for the Monteregie region.If u were there, try the Le Poire (梨酒)

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Recipes for Wines

The world of wine is limitless, enjoy the labels and stories from the following:

Many funny recipes for wines on web, search.Normally we use the one by Jack Keller, if one is available.

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Public Libraries - Books & Video

Besides many books on Beer/Wine Making, a few samples of resources below *:

"Wine for the Confused" - DVD by John Cleese, basic + easy to watch, Central Library, # 641.22 C6241w 2004.

"Wine Confidental" - ~1-hr program broadcast on CBC some months ago.   IF it's available on CBC web site, worth watching .

二部老黑白电影 - 电影很慢,但通过故事 给你介绍 过量喝酒 的问题。(AA=Alcoholics Anonymous):
1) "Blood and Wine" - Central Library Reference #: POL R136b.
2) "The Lost Weekend" - Central Library, Reference/Call#: DRA W6731L

For those who prefer reading:
Chinese version of magazine:

*Reminder:Do your search, ask for ~"Inter-Library Loan" at your local library, believe they will have your requested books/DVD delivered to your library at $0.

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谈论冰酒 最多的贴子

最近买冰酒所想到的。。。 @
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