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50D 的评测报告观后感

今天看了Canon 50D 的评测报告, 在结论中, 有这么一段话:

It appears that Canon has reached the limit of what is sensible, in terms of megapixels on an APS-C sensor. At a pixel density of 4.5 MP/cm² (40D: 3.1 MP/cm², 1Ds MkIII: 2.4 MP/cm²) the lens becomes the limiting factor. Even the sharpest primes at optimal apertures cannot (at least away from the center of the frame) satisfy the 15.1 megapixel sensors hunger for resolution. Considering the disadvantages that come with higher pixel densities such as diffraction issues, increased sensitivity towards camera shake, reduced dynamic range, reduced high ISO performance and the need to store, move and process larger amounts of data, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that at this point the megapixel race should probably stop.

难道最锐利的定焦头真的也无法满足15.1 megapixel sensors ? :rolleyes: 何况更加高的象素呢....看来镜头成了瓶颈.....

从象素密度工艺上看, Canon 应该可以做出 4000万象素以上的全幅感应器, 但镜头解析不出来又有何用!:D

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有钱还是买点别的设备吧,花在 CCD (CMOS) 上,不值得!
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