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Canon 5D Mark II 来了! 2100万象素, $2699

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Key features / improvements

[*]21 megapixel CMOS sensor (very similar to the sensor in the EOS-1Ds Mark III)
[*]Sensor dust reduction by vibration of filter
[*]ISO 100 - 6400 calibrated range, ISO 50 - 25600 expansion (1Ds Mark III & 5D max ISO 3200)
[*]Auto ISO (100 - 3200) in all modes except manual
[*]3.9 frames per second continuous shooting
[*]DIGIC 4 processor, new menus / interface as per the EOS 50D
[*]Image processing features:

[*]Highlight tone priority
[*]Auto lighting optimizer (4 levels)
[*]High ISO noise reduction (4 levels)
[*]Lens peripheral illumination correction (vignetting correction)

[*]RAW and SRAW1 (10 MP) / SRAW2 (5 MP)
[*]RAW / JPEG selection made separately
[*]Permanent display of ISO on both top plate and viewfinder displays
[*]AF microadjustment (up to 20 lenses individually)
[*]Three custom modes on command dial, Creative Auto mode
[*]Image copyright metadata support
[*]98% coverage viewfinder (0.71x magnification)
[*]3.0" 920,000 dot LCD monitor with 'Clear View' cover / coatings, 170° viewing angle
[*]Automatic LCD brightness adjustment (ambient light sensor)
[*]Live view with three mode auto-focus (including face detection)
[*]No mirror-flip for exposures in Live View if contrast detect AF selected
[*]Movie recording in live view (1080p H.264 up to 12 minutes, VGA H.264 up to 24 mins per clip)
[*]Two mode silent shooting (in live view)
[*]New jump options in play mode
[*]HDMI and standard composite (AV) video out
[*]Full audio support: built-in mic and speaker, mic-in socket, audio-out over AV (although not HDMI)
[*]IrPort (supports IR remote shutter release using optional RC1 / RC5 controllers)
[*]UDMA CompactFlash support
[*]New 1800 mAh battery with improved battery information / logging
[*]New optional WFT-E4 WiFi / LAN / USB vertical grip
[*]Water resistance: 10 mm rain in 3 minutes

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5D with 5D Mark II

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Canon 5D Mark II 测试图象:



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Canon 5D mark II

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如果我没有理解错,这个5D要比NIKON D700强,而价格便宜,值得推荐
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