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Hard rain never stops (II)

Hard rain never stops

You pull on your cruise controller

and you car cruises

In a moment you get to your destination

and you do your business as usual


you feel like to go on a vacation

but you turn out to stuck on the Internet

and it surfs

browse a webpage or two

then you find the Internet sells

Running through the rain

stopped by a cigarette shop

you buy a cigar

and it smokes

also you are on fire

and you lay in your tombs

Imagine you ride your bike

and it rides

you excercise your rein

and it never fails

At night

you feel like to have veal for dinner

and the restaurant cooks

just like a sharp edge knife

your knife kills

In a moment or two

you never stop it

that you smell cash

and your bill fills

you fell to your wife

as you always do

it rules

OK, I got the enough of it

you are the boss

and it won't cure

just hurts

and it hues

and it hues

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