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MP Fusion (5) - Tandoori Chicken (印度的BBQ烤鸡)

Believe most of u have already tried Tandoori Chicken in Indian restaurants.The ones that u make at home can never be the same as we don't have the Tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven with hot charcoal fire. At home, use BBQ instead of regular oven for better results.

For years, I buy Shan Spice Mixes at 1905 St. Catherine West (NW corner/St. Marc)for ~$1.5-$2.   These are small boxes of premixed blend of dried spices for cuisine from all parts of India and Pakistan, with easy to follow instruction on the back of the package.Don't forget to try other Indian favorites such as Biryanies and Butter Chicken, reference

For those who are interested, more about Tandoori Chicken at

montrealpost 发表于 2008-5-2 19:41

Step by step recipe . . . . .

Not sure if it's really roast chicken, from advertisement of local newspaper.

iMP 发表于 2012-7-1 17:57

夏季后院BBQ 枫树糖浆烤鸡块 (Maple Syrup BBQ Chicken pieces)

在朋友家作客,屋里有许多枫树糖浆 (Maple Syrup),随便解冻了n包冷冻鸡腿,用厨房专用的超级大个注射器 :D ,像打针一样 注枫树糖浆入鸡块里(让烤好后的鸡块不太干)。然后马上可以上烧烤炉,边烤边在鸡块上刷更多的糖浆 ;) 。不到半小时有得吃,够快马?烤好后 比蜜汁烤鸡 更好味,可算中餐,也是西菜,够奇妙马 :cool: ?!

太好吃了 。。。。finger licking good 。。。。除了伴碟的沙拉和面食,我只吃了三个半鸡腿 。。。。:p

附注:如果枫树糖浆太厚(粘稠/浓稠),微波nn秒钟,可以稀薄液体。这一个食谱 应该可以用蜂蜜替换。

iMP 发表于 2012-7-2 10:07


这个贴子留作 鸡/鸭/火鸡 之类的的家禽用罢!先从基本讲起, nn年代 用的超级大个不锈钢针 称为 Trussing Needle (E),一起用的棉线称为 Trussing String/Kitchen String/etc 。通常用来绑住或缝合肉类或家禽,方便烹调或烧烤。下图左一,针约八英寸长。

下图左二和三,两个都是厨房专用注射器,英文 n多名称,Flavor Injector/Seasoning Syringe/Marinate Needle/etc。n多设计,加拿大轮胎/Home Depot/etc n多地方有卖。这个东东怎么用,自己网上找,网上 n个食谱。
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