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怎么写demand letter给房东(附样板)

A demand letter must contain the following information:
1) the date, the recipient's contact information, and the legal phrase WITHOUT PREJUDICE to protect the sender with regard to the contents of the letter:
2) a summary of the matter at issue
3) a demand for a specific relief or payment
4) a deadline by which the matter must be settled
5) the sender's contact information and sigature
6) the term demand letter stated in the body of the letter to direct the recipient to act accordingly.

Example of a demand letter sent to a mechanic

(name of mechanic左对齐)

Dear Sir,
(A这是为注解加的字母哈) This letter is to advise you that despite the repairs that you made to my car on (date), I still have the same problems with the transmission.

(B) You are hereby notified that you must correct the situation at your expense within (C) the ten (10) days following receipt of this letter. Failure to comply with this demand will result in legal proceedings being taken against you without further notice or delay.

(Your address and telephone number)

A) summarize the problem
B) state your demand
C)set a reasonable delay, depending on the problem to be settled.

If your debtor does not respond to your demand letter or if he refuses to respond, you can proceed to the next step, i.e., take legal action.

A demand letter may be written by the person seeking redress or by a lawyer on that person's behalf. The original must be sent by certified or registered mail; a copy of the demand letter and the delivery confirmation or advice of receipt issued by Canada Post must be kept as proof that the letter was successfully delivered to the intended recipient.

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