sizu 发表于 2006-11-2 12:51


I just did unlock my phone successfully, share this with you.
My phone was Rogers-Prepaid,but expired. Now working fine with both Rogers/Fido's SIM. Good luck.
Free nokia @ GSM Liberity

The code I got is same as I got from one software (free download), great !
Sometime, unlocked phone still can't work since you phone locked with SIM card, if you forget the security-code, you may not change to new SIM card, use this:
That's why there is the Mastercode solution.

Use this calced 10 digits mastercode at the same points where the phone normally asks U for the security code.
The imei number U should use for the calc can be gotten from Ur phone by pressing the *#06# sequence.

F 发表于 2006-11-14 12:33

谢谢提供的信息。请问,下载了Unlock Code后,下一步怎么办? Unlock的软件在哪里下载? 请指教。

sizu 发表于 2006-11-14 12:40

You should get detail when you get the code

---check IMEI


You should see a message "Insert SIM Card". Begin entering your generated code.

with NO sim card in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with NO sim card in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter all of the characters you see in your code, including the # symbols.

To get a 'p' press * 3 times,

to get a '+' press the * key 2 times,

to get a 'w' press the * key 4 times.

Disregard any spaces in the code.


If successful you will see the message 'Phone restriction off' (if not you will get a 'code error' message).

Recommended CODE :#pw+1234567890 +1#

1. Remove SIM CARD !

2. Type #

3. Then press the * key 3times (you should get a "p")

4. Then press the * key 4times (you should get a "w")

5. Then press the * key 2times (you should get a "+")

6. Then enter: 1234567890

7. Then press the * key 2times(you should get a "+")
8. Then enter: 1

9. Enter: #

F 发表于 2006-11-14 13:19

谢谢指教!按照你的提示,刚才已经把我的手机unlcok了,最后出现的信息是 SIM Restriction OFF,应该是成功了,现在还没有办法试。


sizu 发表于 2006-11-14 19:44


Try SIM card provided by Fido & Rogers.

dman 发表于 2006-11-27 19:57

any way to unlock a motorola?

howdo 发表于 2007-3-22 23:33


thinkpad1981 发表于 2007-4-1 16:02

今天试了试fido的6061, 好像不行


sizu 发表于 2007-4-2 07:41

leave your email

You can leave your email here, then I could send you the unlocking program ZIP file, and you could compare the result with the one you got from web. Don't try again and again.
BTW,I only tried unlocking Rogers phone, if your phone is FIDO', you should ask others.

wzb 发表于 2007-4-2 15:57

Great info, Thanks!
May try it later. :)
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