lily 发表于 2001-2-4 22:48


I like swimming very much.I want to know people who like swimming and go swimming very often.I am a beginner.Wish get instruction.

天天都高兴 发表于 2015-12-20 20:35


StLaurent 发表于 2002-12-9 22:05


TT 发表于 2001-2-4 22:49

usually, I go swimming at PLAMONDON one time every week, if you interest,please tell me how to contact with you.

lonely fish 发表于 2001-2-7 00:04

dear Lily,
if you want to swim like a fish , you got to learn from a fish!
what's wrong with your email inbox?

Minnie 发表于 2001-2-7 12:53

Hi LiLy,

I and an other friend have been swimming twice a week on Tue.&
12:00am to 1:00pm in a public pool is near to downtown Guy-Concordia.The
indoor pool and dress room is very big,clean.The long is 25m,the water is
still 1.37m deep.If you are intersting in it,please email me.


lonely fish 发表于 2001-2-8 23:53

hi minnie,
may i have the address or detailed direction of this pool?are you sure this pool is for adults?thanks!

Minnie 发表于 2001-2-9 11:50

Hi LiLy,

This pool is near to downtown.It has a several special time only for adult.The phone# is 514-9320800,you can ask something.
Centre Sportif de la Petite Bourgogne
1825 Notre-Dame Quest

tony 发表于 2001-2-10 16:49

hi lily,

swimming is one of my favorite sports(i also like badminton and some others). since arrived montreal, i seldom have chance to go swimming, but trust me i'm good at it.i'm very glad to know that you're also interested in that. if possible,send me mail, and we go to swimming together.looking forward to your early reply!

tony    Email:</A>

TT 发表于 2001-2-13 13:52

Hey,Girls and Boys, May I join you ?
I find a free swimming pool in a very convenitnt location. Just opposite the exit of Metro Place St-Henri on orange line.
The building's name is Piscine St-Henri
Big Pool, Nice place.Info:872-2577
Hope meet you boys and girls there!

echo 发表于 2001-2-16 14:18

i like swimming too. my email is

Isabel 发表于 2001-2-21 02:30

I will arrive in April and plan to swim seveal times per week. It is nice to get relative informations here.
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