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本校区位于Sherbrooke大学20分钟车程的Compton市,全校占地7英亩,有两栋古典教学楼及宿舍楼,共计3万尺。目前急需物业管理员一名,要求本科学历,会说法语及普通。实习期三个月,期满优先考虑全职录用,提供住宿及交通费用。薪资面议。有意者请与张小姐联系:6479826669 或 maggie.zhang.900@gmail.com相关职务要求如下:

Job Title:                  BuildingMaintenance Technician (Internship)
Reports To:             CEO and Shareholders
Department:               Engineering
Date Revised:                  August 2018

Job Summary

Our historical school building has an immediateopening for a dedicated Building Maintenance Technician. We operate a three-storybuilding and a two-story buildings with 30,000 sqft in core of Compton, QC. Thebuilding contains 20 class rooms, 80 student residential rooms with severalcommon areas, including a indoor pool that require constant support andmaintenance. The successful candidate will be responsible for plumbing,electrical, access control and HVAC maintenance as well as any other dutiesassigned by the CEO or Shareholders. We’re looking for a professional who cantake the initiative and help anticipate problems before they occur. The idealcandidate will be able to communicate effectively with tenants, visitors,contractors and anyone else he or she encounters on the job.


lCollege or University diploma
lSome building maintenance experience
lAbility to work evenings and weekends as assigned
lWillingness to inspect and evaluate all mechanical aspects of thebuildinglMust have the ability to climb heights, lift up to 60 lbs. and climbonto ladderslCapable in French, English and Mandarin

Essential Job Functions:

lInspect buildings, equipment and appliances for functionality, checkingfor faults and fixing them where they exist to keep all things running andfunctioning properly; also, make provision for replacement of old and damagedapplianceslCreate and implement property maintenance policies and standards toserve as guide to other property workers in a bid to prevent misuse of propertyappliances which could result to damagelDevelop and maintain a good relationship with contractors, vendors, andsite workers to get the best bargains on property repairs, supplies, andmaintenancelEnsure that properties are safe and void of any danger to theiroccupants, visitors, and workers by putting away harmful objects and equipment,and putting in place machinery to handle emergencies, such as fire outbreaks;and create exit routes with proper direction for easy location duringemergencieslDiagnose problems with appliances and facilitate their prompt repairsfor the convenience of property users, and carry out repairs on minor problems,such as light fixtures, clogged toilets, leakages, peeling wall and furniturelCheck electrical wiring for accuracy and compliance with regulatorystandards to avoid accidentslMaintain open communication with property owners, liaising withconsultants and property managers for information regarding operations,renovations, and authorizationslClean and prepare vacated buildings and rooms, getting them ready fornew occupants to move inlSupervise the regular cleaning of the swimming pool to promote goodhygiene in the environmentlDesign plan and schedule for works to be executed on properties
lConduct training for new maintenance workers to get them acquainted withthe job
Skills and Abilities:

A PropertyMaintenance Technician Job should have the following skill sets: communication,active listening and learning, reading comprehension, coordination,judgment and decision making, organization, time management, writing, serviceorientation, negotiation, and mathematics.

It is the company’s policy to makeevery reasonable effort to provide suitable alternative employment to an employee who is unable toperform his/her normal duties as a consequence of injury, illness or diminishedcapacity.Each department will attemptto absorb employees who cannot perform the basic duties of their formerposition as a consequence of injury, illness or diminished capacity.Where this is not possible, all departmentswill cooperate in meeting thecompany’s policy of locating suitable alternative employment.

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