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Hiring Senior SEO Specialist

A fast growing businesslocated in Montreal is looking for a senior SEO specialist with 3+years oftechnical SEO & strategy experience. This is a full-time role requires SEOproject management skills.

[*]Experience using e-commerce platforms
[*]Strong knowledge of SEO and SEM
[*]Experience creating customer-facing content that is optimized for search engines
[*]Manage the online product catalogue, including SEO-friendly product naming, categorization/hierarchy   and comprehensive product descriptions
[*]Update and maintain product imagery, identifying areas for improvement
[*]Create targeted landing pages for paid and organic web traffic
[*]Update website content (banners, copy, videos, etc.) in conjunction with marketing campaigns andas needed, ensuring website is always up-to-date and accurate
[*]Merchandise products on the website in accordance with marketing campaigns and seasonality (i.e.featured products, bestsellers, etc.)
[*]Excellent analytical andreporting skills
[*]Strong understanding of web analytics, specifically Google Analytics
[*]Other e-commerce and digital marketing support as required
[*]Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
[*]Strong team work ability
[*]Great interpersonal andcommunications skills

[*]Proven experience as SEOManager, SEM Manager or similar role
[*]familiarity of HTML/CSS
[*]Familiarity with relevant programs (e.g. Google Analytics)
[*]Excellent written communication skills
[*]Strong organizational and leadership skills
[*]Language requirements: English, basic French, Chinese is an asset

[*]Bachelor Degree in Marketing,   E-Commerce, or any relevant Diploma in E-commerce
[*]Computer   science programming background is a major plus
[*]email CV   : hiringin2018@gmail.com

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