frank12345678 发表于 2018-2-4 20:26

One professional inspector

I would like to share my experience to have Antoine Bridi as my inspector.

It is very cold on January 28. In the neighborhood of the house, there is ice and snow covered on the road. Antoine check everywhere outside of the house, he took a lot of pictures. And stepped into the snow to check brick wall, foundation.

In the house, he checked every window, every power plugins. Each floor, he checked very carefully. Structure, power system, plumbing, basement, you name them all. He accessed the roof, he checked every inch of the roof. Even I just stood next to him, I felt tired at the end. It took him almost 4 hours to check everything.

His inspection report is very detailed and easy to understand.

He is a really good inspector. I would like to recommend him to my Chinese friends.
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