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[Lease Transfer] 2017 BMW 430i Grand Coupe XDrive顶配, 回国转让,大量折扣,送BMW冬胎+轮毂


2017 BMW 430i Grand Coupe转Lease。
I'm transferring my lease of 2017 BMW 430i Grand Coupe with LARGE discount!!
2017 430i Grand Coupe 5 door hatch back with Mineral White color. Fully loaded with Performance Package, Premium Enhance Package, Smart Phone Connectivity Package (with Apple Carplay), AND BMW winter package with Rim and Run-Flat winter tires and more.The car has almost everything you need and want equipped:Heated steering wheel and 4 seats, navigation with traffic info, head-up display, full leather seats, Apple Carplay and wireless charging deck, back-up camera with front and rear radar, Harman Kardon premium audio, HUGE trunk with hatch back type of door, 19-in Performance Package summer tires and rim and 17-in Winter Package Run-Flat tires.The lease is end on Apr 2021, with 16000km/year.Now the more exciting stuff. I paid almost $8000 up front which drives my monthly payment down to $674 tax included, it's a super competitive price for a 430i Grand Coupe, plus there is one month deposit ($674) there so it's yours at the end of the lease. With winter package (valued $3000+), and tinted windows ($500).I only ask $1500 reimburse to me at the signing, you still saved a huge amount. I don't really want to transfer this lease because I love this car a lot and one of the best driving experience I have ever had, but because of family reason, I have to let it go!And I'm sure it will go fast, so please contact me asap!

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