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Mynix Basketball League/Drop in/Classes

Hey guys,

We are the Montreal Mynix Atheletic Club, a non-for-profit organization that promotes affordable sports playing among the community.我们是万力体育协会,一个慈善组织鼓励大家一起运动。
The new fall season is about to start and here is what we offer:

- League Play: This is perfect if you have a group of friends that are looking to play competitively against other teams. We have professional courts, score-keeping and referees.
- 联盟赛:如果您有一群朋友想打专业点的比赛,这个最适合您。我们有专业的场地,记分,还有裁判。

- Drop in: this is perfect for you if you simply would like to enjoy some casual basketball once in a while
- 娱乐赛:如果您希望只是偶尔跟大家娱乐性的打打球您可以来我们的轻松娱乐赛。

- Lessons for kids: We also provide quality coaching for kids that are looking to improve their skills. The cost also includes league play to further improve their skills.
- 课程 (孩子):我们也提供课程。

I have attached our posters with the appropriate people to contact for further questions.

If you have questions in Chinese, you can also contact me in the following email: ch_mtl_xsy@hotmail.com



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