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Simple proposition

Simple proposition
I love to proposeSome resolution forCanadian politics and economySince my Chinese origin is involvedAnd this society jeopardizeOwners and dealers of porcelain, the antique
That of Chinese communityHere in Canada and across North AmericaMay a political party isOf concern, New Reform partyMerely has been promotedTo these people suffer and struggle
It is a simple proposalThey don’t care, traditionallyChinese Canadians have no political propositionOr political affliction, in any given aspectsThey respect, obey, the policyAnd the Charter, the Act and the law
Simple proposition, I sayMay it be a small one, that asThe lives and say occupations of men and women involvedUnder given consideration of merit and careThey don’t believe it, they may believe meI do not revenge, regrettably to say, my simple proposition
To write my poetry and stories, to affect these souls
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