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全新乐高 处理

LEGO Ninjago 70732 City of Stiix - Mastersof Spinjitzu (1069 pieces)零售价:$129.99-$169.99现处理 $100

·       Templefeatures a docking station, adjustable crane with opening Ninja prison cage,secret opening mountain-wall entrance, hidden skeleton, shop with Aeroblade,assorted weapons, secret book and crystal elements, guard room with trapdoor,plus table, chair, cup, bottle and the Scroll of Airjitzu elements, rotatingrooftop ghost bomb shooter and translucent green spiders·       Includes8 minifigures with assorted weapon and accessory elements: Kai, Jay, Nya, EvilGreen Ninja, Chain Master Wrayth, Scythe Master Ghoultar, Ghost Warrior Cyrusand Ghost Ninja Ming·       Ghostship features a large movable fabric sail, 4 stud shooters, barrel of tools anda Ninja prison; Outpost features awindmill with rotating axe blades, adjustableladder and treasure chest, walkway and a rotating ghost bomb cannon·       Nya’sspeedboat features 2 stud shooters, 2 detachable swords, golden Ninja bladedetails and a translucent flame exhaustWeapon elements include 2 Golden Katanas and 2Deepstone Katanas (for Jay and Nya), Kai’s Deepstone Scythe, Nya’s crowbar,EvilGreen Ninja’s Sword of Sanctuary, Wrayth’s Ghost Master Blade on a chain,Ghoultar’s Scythe Ghost Master Blade, Cyrus’ crossbow and Ming’s Ghost EnergyBlade

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