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美食专家 发表于 2017-1-26 14:49

唐人街的畔溪下午2点以后到4点半是10.98。这是我知道的最便宜的自助餐。选择性比较多,总有一款适合你。其他的我知道的都是20以 上,但是结账时往往加上杂七杂八的要40多。

iMP 发表于 2017-1-26 19:16

Chinatown buffet "closed for renovation" till March, written on its door. Best value now is only Vichy, $9.99+TT Mon-Fri lunch, coffee/tea included.

Cheaper but fewer choices:
1) Wah Ly in East end, very VERY east ~$7.95+TT, Wed-Friday lunch. (not sure if +$1).No drink.
2) Chows in DDO, convenient bus ride.$8.99+TT weekEND lunch (weekdays +$1)~10 choices(as buffet, 10 is not much)+soup+salad + dessert (cheap pastries + ice cream + almond cookies). No drink.

For now, I'd go to Vichy or Zykaa than the above 2 (too far or few choices).Else, Ka Lok Hin on ~Peel/Stanley, ~$12.99 for weekdays lunch.Addresses and details in my ~" under $10" posting.

If u find anything else, please do share. :lol

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ssbhxxlinda 发表于 2017-1-26 21:42

同意,IMP说的WAHLY 太远,被整改了几次,不知现在如何了.CHOWS的种类太少.ZYKAA印度餐馆吃不惯.大fULAM,小FULAM马马虎虎,可以去看看.

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iMP 发表于 2017-1-29 12:47

ssbhxxlinda 发表于 2017-1-29 10:26
每次去吃韩国烧烤都很多人,真的不错,新开了一家韩国烧烤在对面,和以前的老的比差点吧 ...
U mean Sota BBQ Coree(1825 St. Catherine Ouest) ?It is across from Seoul Chako(1824), or reverse?

Sota $15.99 +TT Mon-Thur 11:30-15:00

Do ask around and compare the 2 restaurants before u go.My friend warned me :lol

Note:I was going to try Yoko BBQ Coreen(4747 Jean-Talon E, $15.99-10%/15%) next week . . . . I may change my mind now.

iMP 发表于 2017-1-29 13:14

If u don't mind cold food, only hot soups, no drink, no dessert (except lots of fruits):

Salad Bar (all u can eat) $9.95+TT, lunch/dinner everyday same$
BBQ Chicken Leg (include salad bar) $11.25+TT, lunch/dinner same$

Normally I go there with friends, order the Leg, have 1 bite or just poke it open(sort of :P ), then they can pack "left over" to take home :$

promotions that I can find right now: http://sinoquebec.com/forum.php? ... 7&extra=#pid3640895

Have fun!

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ssbhxxlinda 发表于 2017-1-26 21:42
Your are right, except Vichy's price vs. quality is ridiculous, weekday lunch $10+TT is too good to be true!!

All u can eat average quality should be ~$15-$17+TT/person @ lunch these days. . . . .

Tomorrow Dawson open house, the restaurant in the basement of Dawson College useD to do buffet lunch on the day of "Open House".Average price for above average food.Check them out!现在我懒得跑,两年前貌似 ~$13/14+TT.
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