sz 发表于 2016-9-17 14:57

有人去过这家吗? 在atwater市场的排档里

今天在Atwater市场的排档里看到一家餐摊, 里面挂着很多红灯笼, 装饰里使用了大量的中国元素, 比如竹子, 和中式餐具。可操作的五六个人里没有一个东方面孔。生意很火爆。市场里几个餐档, 只有他家排长队。

cc123456 发表于 2016-9-17 15:56

吃过, 不是我喜欢的口味,感觉有些像马来西亚那边的风味。。

光明555 发表于 2016-10-15 23:15

美味啊 帮下

helloman 发表于 2016-10-18 13:44

That place is called "Satay Brothers".

Inspired by Singaporean and Malaysian street food classics such as laksa lemak (a spicy prawn coconut milk soup), pork belly steamed buns, daily satay (chicken, beef or pork) skewers and papaya salad,

The real brothers behind the operation are Mat and Alex Winnicki, two siblings born to a Singaporean mother and a Polish father. Together, they realized their mother's dream of introducing Montrealers to the cuisine of her childhood.

光明555 发表于 2017-1-22 23:49


john88 发表于 2017-1-24 16:23

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