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低收入家庭可以享受最高 $80/月 的住房补贴,而且租房买房都可以申请。
发放期间为当年10月 - 次年9月。现在申请正是时候。

不想错过的朋友请到唐人街 加园社区服务 了解详情。
地址: 1029 Clark (小肥羊对面)

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我不是楼主,只是八卦的   。。。。:P

This is called "Shelter Allowance Program" by Revenu Quebec, to subsidize rental or home $ (yes, for low-income home-owners also).   To help LOW INCOME (a) individuals 50 or over, or (b) families with kid(s), who has (1) filed income tax and (2) lived in Quebec for over 1 year.I cannot recall if the program requires/specifies immigrant/citizen, hope 楼主 will answer/correct me.

This program does not back-pay, only starts paying the same month u submit/they receive :Lapplication FORM.U can only get the form by calling Revenu Quebec YOURSELF, then RQ mail u form. Hence, those who qualify should act ASAP. (I do not have their direct phone# with me. )

Any further question, (1) google for web info on the program, or (2) visit the centre on 1029 Clark, or (3) ask whatever social agency near you, IF THEY KNOW.

Nice day!

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我不是楼主,只是八卦的   。。。。

This is called "Shelter Allowance Program" by Revenu Queb ...

楼上提供了很多有用信息,但不完全。该福利只对移民和公民,电话索要申请表时对申请人要进行资格审查,尤其是买房的朋友,准备不充分是要不到申请表的。加园社区服务为大伙提供有效的信息咨询, 也可代为申请,但电话索要申请表时申请人必须在场。收费公道,服务周全!
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