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无良商业行为揭发在行动 (中英双语)

无良商业行为揭发在行动/Unethical Business Practices Exposer is in Action
Provigo, 分布在加拿大魁北克的连锁超市,似乎对rain check的法律意涵一无所知:“商家就脱销商品向客户承诺延期采购的合约”。在蒙特利尔市Parc街上的这家Provigo指责质问客户为什么在rain check的最后一天才来购买,虽然事后该店经理很不情愿地承诺将rain check延期,顾客在提前十几天致电询问时,却遭到该店回绝,说承诺跑票,他们很清楚只有小民、草民才在乎这样的柴米油盐之事,所以轻蔑地说:“你爱干嘛就干嘛!”“权贵”及其犬牙们听着: 希拉里式做派已经惹恼了美国人民,据Farage, 欧盟蒙骗伎俩也是惹恼英国人民脱欧的原因,如果魁北克继续任由“权贵”欺凌“小民”的欺诈风盛行,你们就是下一个!
Provigo, "a grocery retailer based in Quebec,Canada", seems have no idea that a rain check is "an agreement for amerchant to provide to a customer an out-of-stock sale item at a laterdate", they accused customer for coming back on the last day prescribed inthe rain check, after their manager reluctantly postponed the expiring date,the merchant again denied the manager's promise! They know that such thingsmatter only to the ordinary people, so you readily said "do whatever youwant".Here is the voice from the massive ordinary people:Hillarious behaviours pissed off the American people; the EU pissed off Britishpeople "by stealth, by deception", and it will be the Quebecadministration's turn in a short period if you keep acting inSomebody-over-Nobody way!
-律政混混, IForYou, Tumblr blogger (English/Chinese) and 新浪博客博主

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提前14个小时而且是在将近晚上8点派bailiff送达,根本不给对方合理应变时间,而本地警察多半会以民事纠纷为由不予理会! 这样的以富凌贫、以本地人欺压外来裔的霸凌事件就发生在“民主法制”的魁北克省蒙特利尔市!


Rich over Poor and Majority over Minority is happening in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! A landlord, a big company (*** Pro* Inc.) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, delivered a notice to a tenant by bailiff merely 14 hours before (actually, the notice was delivered at 19:45 and the inspection was scheduled next morning at 10:30 a.m. )a so-called "inspection" without any explanation or legal foundation whereas they have been harassing the tenant by making noise on top of the apartment for weeks, in the name of renovation without giving any prior notice! FYI, they have cases in the Regie-du-logement (rental board) against the tenant and that may explain everything.

The landlord has been taking so much advantage of the tenant, now they are even trying to take the police's job, to conduct an illegal search without a WARRANT!

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房东突然袭击要求对房间进行搜查并拍照,无论是从通知的提前送达时间(提 ...

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