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You can claim the refundable tax credit for the 2015 taxation year for childcare expenses if all of the following requirements are met:

You were resident in Québec on December 31, 2015, or you were resident in Canada, outside Québec, on December 31, 2015, and carried on a business in Québec in 2015.

The childcare expenses were incurred while you or your spouse on December 31, 2015 (This link will open a new window), was in any of the following situations:

carrying out the duties of an office or employment
actively carrying on a business
practising a profession
carrying out research under a grant
actively seeking employment
attending an educational institution full time or part time
receiving benefits under the Québec parental insurance plan (QPIP) or benefits related to a birth or adoption under the Employment Insurance plan

You or your spouse on December 31, 2015, paid the expenses for the care of an eligible child, for 2015, to an individual, a daycare centre, a holiday and recreation centre, a camp or a boarding school. In addition, the child was living with you (or with your spouse on December 31, 2015) at the time the expenses were incurred.

The childcare services were provided in Canada by a person resident in Canada, unless you were living outside Canada temporarily.

    ----extcerpt from website of Revenu Quebec

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75%: 0-34,425
62%: 49,730-51,000

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联邦那边需要满足一些条件的, 就是父母必须工作或者学习的。

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